Portugal resorts: Madeira

Madeira combines beautiful beaches, subtropical climate, beautiful landscapes. Rest here allows you to relax, enjoy species, get acquainted with the culture and architecture of this Portuguese archipelago. Tourism on Madeira has been developed for several centuries, so vacation will be not only saturated impressions and emotions, but also incredibly comfortable due to the luxurious and at the same time cozy hotels.

After opening in 1419 by Zhuan Madeira Zarka became port for numerous vessels. Thanks to the sailors, bringing seeds and fruits of plants from around the world, Madeira turned into a magnificent exotic garden, blooming all year round.

The capital of Madeira is Funchal city. Funchal is beautiful with its architectural attractions.

Their inspection can be started with Cathedral Cee. Erected in 1514, he still retained the original appearance. Finding inside, it is impossible to tear away from its decoration – a wooden ceiling, inlaid and illuminated by sunlight, pouring through multicolored stained glass windows, choir, seats of which are decorated with images of the prophets, apostles, saints, dressed in the outfits of the XVI century. Not far from the cathedral is located Botanical Garden with plants collected in different parts of the planet. Here you can see the parrots contained in a special nursery.

Lovers of museums and religion will be interesting Museum of Religious Art, Especially since it is located in the Episcopal Palace of the XVII century. In addition to paintings of Flemish artists in the museum you can see the Gothic Cross of the Portuguese King Manuel I.

If you leave north of Funchal by 7 kilometers, you can get to Mount Monti, At the top of which rises Church of Nose-Senora-do Monti. In August, she becomes a place of cluster pilgrims celebrating the Ascension of the Virgin Mary. Here is the observation deck with a view of the fun. From it you can make an unusual descent on special wicker sleighs, intended once for harvest. Descent on Sanya-Toboganov is safe, but emotions are overwhelmed after it, like the thrill.

Portugal resorts Madeira

Fans of hiking can make an exciting climbing to one of the tops of Madeira &# 8211; Peak-Ruhiva and Peak-Do Arieur. On both vertices in cloudless weather, breathtaking views. Between the vertices, the trail was laid, performing the transition to which you can admire the thickets of eucalyptus, laurel, as well as steep slopes, tickling nerves.

Interesting Furshal villages. In the West can be visited Fishing village Camara de Lobusch, famous for rich cattle fish-sabers. In the north of Funchal is Village Santana, attracting tourists with traditional chaolash houses. The walls of the houses are painted in white, shutters – in bright red, and the roofs are covered with straw. Village Porto Monis It became famous for the waves, creating natural pools among lava. Pools can be admired, as well as in them you can swim, listening to the waves break about the rock – the impression is intimateable.

Golden beaches with the smallest sand can be found on Madeira nearby Islet Porto Santa. Sunbathing can be replaced by sports – windsurfing, snorkeling, snow-white yacht competitions.

Fans of privacy will like Uninhabited Islands Desertes and Selwagesh. These are national reserves, famous for Rich Flora and Fauna.

Portugal resorts Madeira

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