Portugal: Peak Island (Azores)

Pica Island (447 kV. km) – one of the most famous islands of the archipelago as not surprising.

Governing his name Mount Punta de Picika (Peika Alto, 2351 m) rises from the water of the ocean, like a lighthouse, which is quite a bit often covered with snow its top. In addition to this "Atlantic Fujiyima", In perfectly visible, by the way, even from the neighboring islands, the main decoration of the peak is its famous vineyards, divided into peculiar sectors (Currais) using low walls (PAREDES or MURINHOS), isolated from basalt blocks – they are the support of the vine. It is worth noting that the grapes are bred here as much as the XV century, and the wine-growing culture is very sacrificed and rich in tradition, which is evidence and introduction of the vineyards of the Island to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List (2004.), and a wonderful museum of wine in Madalena (Capital of Island).

Portugal Island Peak (Azores)

Numerous churches of the XVII-XVII centuries in the capital, the town of San Roque do Pica with churches of the XVII-XVIII centuries, a lazh do-peak with a whaling museum (whales, by the way, still serve as a kind of landmark peak, as The paths of their migrations are in the immediate vicinity of its shores, and the observation of them is included in all excursion programs), Areya Larga with luxurious estates of winemakers, the Forest Pattern Park, as well as numerous small towns, literally asking for the artists canvas.

Portugal Island Peak (Azores)

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