Portugal: Floresh Island (Azores)

Floresh Island (143 kV. km) – the most western point of the Azores archipelago and one of the most beautiful islands in the group. Interestingly, it has been geologically belonging to America, because it lies within the American continental plate.

His relief is very diverse – there are volcanic caldera with numerous lakes and mineral sources, and the caves of many different origins, and terraced mountain slopes, and deep valleys, and lonely mountains, towering like teeth from the forest canopy.

Portugal Island Floresh (Azores)

Floresha’s attractions are the highest point of the island – Morru-Alto Mountain (914 m), the Cave of Gruk-di Eschareush, Calder Lake Lagoa-Funda (it is considered the most beautiful on the island), hot springs Aguash-Kuentesh, Rock Rocha-Girdo Souls , Fairand-Di-Santa Cruz Forest Reserve with a huge variety of living beings from all continents, Cascade of Ribeira Grande Waterfalls (about 20), falling from a height of 300 meters right into the ocean, the picturesque village of Farzinia (Fa┼żasinya), Far Grande Village – The most western settlement of Europe, as well as the capital of the island – the city of Santa Cruz-Daz-Floresh with its mansions, churches of San Buenasentura and Nos-Senora-Di-Konsian (XIX in.) and an excellent ethnographic museum.

Portugal Island Floresh (Azores)

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