Portugal. For family and solitary rest

Portugal – an incredibly popular country with a mild climate and large number of interesting sights. The most popular destination for rest, naturally, are beaches, Because the person plans a trip to the sea, he should choose the final point of his way or the Algarve region or in the Lisbon Riviera.

Climate change – when it is better to buy vouchers?

Portugal resorts have such high popularity primarily due to the incredibly comfortable climate of the country. It is characterized by warm, but not too hot summer, soft and not cold in winter, as well as in general for the year, the temperature of Portugal changes not sharp jumps, and smooth transitions without causing discomfort.

The season of the beaches will fully start in early July. In the metropolitan Riviera, daytime temperatures rises to 25 degrees Celsius, and water warms up to 18. In the province of the same Algarve These numbers reaches 27 and 20 degrees, respectively. By the middle of the summer season, when the number of tourists reaches a peak, the air temperature grows up to +29 degrees, and water – up to +21.

With the onset of September begins the Velvet season – Daylight temperature drops to +26 degrees, and water – to +23 Celsius. The rainy season comes with October, during this period the fruitful will devote free time to various trips and excursions. It is during this period that it is advised to choose the most inexpensive resort suggestions, for the prices for rest are noticeably declining.

Algarva Province – Resort offers

Portugal. For family and solitary rest

This province is The south of the country. It is concentrated not only by most comfortable beaches and hotels, but also the most famous and recognizable monuments of Portugal. Most of the province is a zone of reserves, which attracts tourists due to the fact that it is in this place they can live admire on flamingo in their natural habitat. There are also places for comfortable active recreation and sports – equipped whole golf courses, surfing and diving centers. To rest the whole family platform is also prepared – Many aquaparks were built, A variety of exciting excursions are arranged that are suitable for people of all ages and much more.

Line of the coast of Algarle stretched in length more than 200 kilometers. Unlike the capital, the ocean in the province is significantly warmer, and the infrastructure of tourism is developed much better. but get to the algarle a little more difficult, than to Lisbon Riviera, and the finance will be released a larger number.


Earlier, Albufeira was only a small fishing village, but at the moment she changed so much that became the most popular tourist resort in the whole country. On the edges of the resort surround Giant pines and orange groves, And in the very center, the rivest and inconspile fun do not think to stop even at night. On the territory there are more than twenty beaches of different sizes, some of them were even marked Blue flag Thanks to the purity of both the ocean and the coastline. The most popular of them is a penny or its other name – Tunnel Beach. It is located in the oldest part of the city, because for the passage to it, it is necessary to overcome the rocky tunnel.

Portugal. For family and solitary rest

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