Portugal: Fayal Island (Azores)

Fayal Island (173 kV. km), or as it is often called Islanders – Ilya-Azul (Blue Island – because of the huge amount of hydrangeas that bloom beautifully in the summer months), lies in the central part of the Azores archipelago.

This is one of the most picturesque islands of the group – its central part represents an array of the active volcano Caberal Proud (1043 m), in the caldera of which there was a huge (2 0.5 km) of the lake, from where the mining slopes are running off to the ocean, forming along the coastal trait I have a series of beautiful rocks and rocky arrays.

Portugal Fayal Island (Azores)

The southern coast is replete with delightful panoramas, here is the resort area of ​​Varaduro with his beautiful bays and beaches, surrounded by black rocks Castel Brranka. And near the Lasigny and Punta Furada (near Onts) the whole series of caves and lava arches, which appeared during the formation of the island stretches. Not less picturesque green areas of Vale-shower-flamengush, Largu Zhaima de chalk, Ribeira do Kaba, Ribeira Founda and so on.

The capital of the island – the city of Orta is located on the south-east coast, between the ancient volcanoes of Ponti de Eshpalamak, Monti-da Guiy and Monti Carneir. Following the way from Onts, you can see the most picturesque northern coast with its meadows and small forests, waves descending to the three-hundredth coastal cliffs of the cat-brow, cozy river valleys with tiny villages like Praia-Almofarge (Praia de Almosarife) or Pedro-Miguel, Cave Cut-Dazh-Fethet Caves, Picturesque Mountain Pastures Ribberia, Hydrangea Fields near Salra, Kaldera Reserve, Sedrush Village – The Most Old Settlement on the island, as well as black lava fields near Faja da Praia do Northie and Norti-Pecken.

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