Portugal currency: personal experience

For lovers to get shopping and like in Lisbon there are shopping centers, such as El Corte Ingl&# 233; s in one stop from the area of ​​the pombala. Before purchases in the shopping center, you can arrange a card by 10% discount – we did not know about it, and after purchases it was too late. On -2 floor, you can also arrange documents for tax returns.

In another place, on Avenida de Liberdade Street there are shops of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. If needed cheaper – then inexpensive and high-quality things (skin, shoes) can be bought in small "Blizzard" Shop right in the center of Lisbon (for example, in the Santa Justa area).

Accommodation in Portugal up to 50 euros per day for two

Spent 20 days in Portugal, never paid for a double more than 50 euros. Impressions are.

In the cities for 40-50 euros you can find a decent hotel for this money. In this amount, breakfast and parking may already be included. Internet is usually free. Shower and toilet in the room – we have always. During these years, I can recommend hotels:
Lisbon – Pensao Londres (40 euros for two with breakfast, shower-toilet on the floor)
Evora – Evora Inn Chiado Design (50 euro for two, without breakfast, shower-toilet in the room)
Estremos – Imperador (50 euros for two, with breakfast and parking, shower-toilet in the room)
Torreir – Veleiro (50 euro for two, with breakfast, shower-toilet in the room, next to free parking)
Porto – Residencial Triunfo (40 euro for two, without breakfast, shower-toilet in the room, near Free Parking)

Prices for rest in Portugal

Going to Portugal "Unorganized", We can give a few tips.

1) plane tickets. 460 euros per person company "Iberia". Book on Terminala website.es. Tickets of the domestic company "Krasair", As it turned out, at that time were twice as expensive. True, flight "Krasair" Direct, unlike Iberia (landing in Madrid).

2) With a history of a taxi from Lisbon Airport, we did not understand. At the counter there was a sum of about 7 euros, but the driver was much fussing, asked 12 from us, trying to explain something in Portuguese. True, later I learned what kind of baggage, they seem to have the right to take 1.5 euros for the suitcase, so the tariff remained a mystery, although everyone write that 7-8 euros from the airport is a normal fee.

3) Hotel – 60 euros for two per night. We booked in Lisbon Pensao Roma, now we can say: in no case can you settle in Pensao – it turns out, the guest house is less than the hotel. The only plus center. Minus – our room was separated from the adjacent plywood door, hearing 100%.

Portugal currency Personal experience

4) Breakfast in the cafe of coffee and delicious pastries – 5 euros for two, dinner in a normal restaurant – 30 euros for two (with wine). Big portions, so you can refuse.

5) We did not buy a Lisbon tourist map what they did not regret. Benefits did not see (not what in Vienna).

6) Travel in tram is 1.5 euros, when buying a ticket in advance – cheaper (sold in tobacco kiosks).

6) Museums – from 4 to 8 euros.

7) Beach for free.

8) Bottle Maders – 8 Euro, Portwine – 5-6 euros, wine – from 2 euro, porridge – from 8 Jerso, Muscayer (I recommend!) from 8 euros. You do not need to take your alcohol, as you can see!

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