Portugal: country information

Portugal is among the countries — The participants of the Schengen Agreement, our citizens for visiting the country require a visa and tourist insurance. Documents for a visa can be submitted in Portugal visa centers in the 14 largest cities of Russia, as well as directly in the embassy.

What should be considered tourists planning to enter the Schengen zone, read here. With the rules of the first entrance to the countries of Shengen, read here. Tips for collecting documents for entering Schengen with a child — in this article.

In connection with the introduction of biometric visas from September 14, 2015, all applicants over 12 years old are personally. Submission of documents by a third party (relative or representative of travel agency) is possible only in the case when the applicant has previously passed biometric data in any of the embassies or the Republic of Schengen countries.

Consular Size of the Schengen Visa — €35 (2400 rubles. July 2017). Separately paid services of the visa center — €26 (1800 rubles.), in addition, residents of the regions of the our Federation (except Moscow) pay the logistics collection — 450 rubles. for passport.

How to get?

In Portugal, four airports: in Lisbon, Port, Faro and Madeira. Lisbon has direct flights from Moscow, the rest of the cities from Russia will have to fly with one or even two transplants. By the way, it is useful to know about the services that you are laid upon flight. And also about how to order food in the plane.

Direct railway message between Russia and Portugal is absent, but you can permanently risk and go to Lisbon by car. Ride from Moscow takes about 45 hours, from St. Petersburg — 47 hours, the route will be held through Belorussia, Poland, Germany, France and Spain. Part of the roads in Europe paid, so take care of vignettes in advance. Our guide will help in preparation, where the list of necessary documents is specified.

customs control

Import and export of currency is unlimited. At the entrance from the territory of non-EU countries, the amounts of over €10,000 are subject to declaration.

You can import 200 cigarettes, 1 l of strong alcoholic beverages and 2 liters of wine. 500 g of coffee and 100 g of tea, 50 ml of perfume and 250 ml of toilet water are allowed. It is forbidden to import and export of smuggling items (drugs, historical artifacts, ammunition and weapons). Under the ban also some products: potatoes produced outside of the European Union, as well as any meat and making food and chocolate. The prohibition does not apply to baby food and special preparations necessary for people with certain chronic diseases.


Portugal — Member of the European Union, respectively, local currency — Euro. Well: €1 — 69.6 rubles (July 2017).

Banks work on weekdays from 8:30 to 15:00, some branches in Lisbon and tourist areas are closed at 18:00, and in major trading centers, Algarves work daily from 9:00 to 21:00. ATMs of the national system Multibanco operate around the clock. It is more convenient to exchange money at Lisbon Airport (favorable course, below the commission fee), in banks and hotels course below, and the collection — Above (in banks, the Commission is 0.5%). MasterCard credit cards, American Express and Visa are accepted everywhere. Tourist checks take everywhere and at a more advantageous course than cash, but commission is quite high (up to 13%). Exception — American Express checks that can be exchanged without commission in AMEX. Evroge with warranty card exchange in many banks.

Weather and climate

Portugal country information

For most of the country climate — Subtropical Mediterranean: Soft, without sharp temperature fluctuations. Best time to visit Portugal — From May to October: the weather is warm and sunny at this time, and rains — Frequency. Traditionally the hottest months —July August. However, water on the Atlantic coast due to the currents is traditionally cool. Swim better south of Lisbon: there is atlantic warmer at 2–3 °C. North of the capital Most holidaymakers prefer to sunbathe and enjoy landscapes. Spring — the best time for surfing, but in winter it is rainy in the country, although the sun is often returned to the south.


In Portugal, four types of buses: Intercity expressions — Expressos, Local — Rapidas, Carreiras marked with CR sign, which stop at each intersection, and high-speed luxury — Alta Qualidade. Ticket from Lisbon to Faro, the southernmost city of Portugal, will cost €18 on the express bus (four hours in the way). Bus Lisbon — Port should be three and a half hours, and the passage in it costs €17.5. In the summer season, tickets better book in advance, it will be cheaper. Frequently provided discounts for passengers under the age of 26.

Railway links Lisbon with south of Portugal. Trains are longer than on express buses, but it costs cheaper. Trains are regional, stopping at all stops, fairly fast interregional and expression trains. You can read the schedule and cost of tickets on the official website of the railways.

Rent a Car

Rent a car in Portugal is quite simple, the rent depends on the season, the class of the car and the influx of tourists. Lower limit for Renault Clio class machine, if you decide to take it at the airport, will be €50 (3500 rubles.) per day.

For rental it is necessary to have a certificate document (for EU citizens — identification certificate for all other — Passport), international driver’s license (valid only with national). The required age of the driver can be limited to 21 year, although in most rolling offices it is enough to achieve 18 years of age. The minimum driver’s stay depends on the class of the car and the level of the rolling office: you usually need the experience of one or two years driving. Also in most rolling companies necessarily have a bank card client, which guarantees solvency.

Carefully read the terms of the insurance policy — He must cover third-party costs, as well as spread to theft of the car. Other cars for renting a car abroad Read in our material.

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