Portugal City: Porto

Porto – one of the oldest cities and the former capital of the country, arose in VI in. to N. NS. On the right bank of the Douro River.

It is interesting to visit the Cathedral rebuilt from the old fortress (XII-XVIII centuries.), Clereigos Granite Tower (XVIII in., Height 75 M. – The highest church tower of Portugal), Franciscan Church of San Francischka (1233 g.), Town Hall with a 70-meter bell tower (1920 g.), Masterpiece of Portuguese baroque architecture XVIII in. – Episcopal Palace with Mashad de Castra Museum, built on the project of the Eiffel bunk bridge over the Dora (length 172 m.) and San Benth Station with enormous highlights of the walls.

Be sure to go through Avenida-Dom-Ayados with impressive houses of the late XIX – early twentieth century, visit the noisy coastal quarter of Ribeira, famous wine cellar or a motley and noisy market. Oldest in Portugal Botanical Garden Porto (1772 g.) is an excellent model of latebroil art, the beautiful old greenhouses and a castle type park have been preserved.

In the suburbs of Vilan Nova de Gaja, the main basements for the storage of Portverine have already been located for 300 years and is the only one of its kind Museum of Portwine.

Reviews and studies of trips

Porto as a city. And like wine

Porto at once two merits in front of the country. First, he received his name and all of Portugal. Secondly, the most famous wine from these places is also called. Read more →

Portugal city Porto

Anatoly-Gendin | June 2015

Evening Port

Slightly evening port. Street Rua de Santa Catarina. National Theater San Joao. Monastery Serra Do Pilar Behind Don Luis Bridge. Heinrich Bridge of Maritavaster over the Dora River. Read more →

Aikarpov | Winter 2015

Let’s walk through the port?

It is on the embankment in the port you will bring you the most delicious olives and one of the most drinking Sangriy. And you, together with other happy tourists you will spend every day. Read more →

Portugal city Porto

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