16 km south-west of Coimbra is Fatima – the world famous pilgrimage site, two kilometers from which May 13, 1917. There was a miracle of the Virgin Mary to Children.

Every year on May 13, hundreds of thousands of Catholics come here to worship the Mother of God from Fatima. The center of pilgrimage is a large esplanade platform in front of the Basilic. Virgin from local white limestone (to accommodate all believers, the area is twice as much as the area of ​​St. Peter in Vatican, 1928.) and the church of the vision, built on the spot of a wonderful phenomenon. Currently, the city has acquired international importance, religious ceremonies are regularly held here, and in the basilica there were many religious orders.

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Portugal. Fatima. Ukrainian temple

The city of Fatima is one of the centers of Christian pilgrimage, known for its basilica of the Holy Virgin Mary. But in the Portuguese city of Fatima there is also the temple of the Ukrainian community. Read more →

Capi4ca | October 25, 2013

Portugal city Fatima

Unforgettable trip to Portugal

This country simply conquered me with its architecture, its special Portuguese Gothic style "Manuelino", called named King Manuel I. This style is very different from everything you can see in other places in Europe, it is also called "cable". In this style, marine motives are unusual for European architecture – different types of ropes, anchors, as well as crosses of the Knights of Christ the Templars. If the building got a rope, it meant – built on the century. In my opinion, this style is very elegant, although many consider him too silent. Read more →

Svetlana | November 2007

Autumn in Portugal

Evening Lisbon traffic fence down drunkards. Remembered with facial shirts and sandals on boss legs, they fiercely swing their hands, they whistle in the same place, and with a clumsy grace, in one place, like brave regulators of the second Ukrainian front in a military newsreel. Read more →

Portugal city Fatima

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