Portugal. Azoras – Islands for Nature Friends

Azores Located hundreds of kilometers from Portugal and several thousand kilometers from North America. Waters-made archipelago Atlantic, It is an amazing place covered with green carpet of various vegetation. Nine large islands similar to the stones of Emerald among the blue of the ocean depths. The total area of ​​the archipelago is more than two thousand square meters. KM. The entire archipelago is divided into three zones: Eastern, Western and Central.

Climatic features

Azoras are in the zone Subtropics. Atlantic anticyclones and proximity of warm current Golfstream Have a strong impact on the weather of the archipelago. Due to the soft climate in winter, the thermometer’s column here does not fall below +14 with °. The average value of summer temperatures is nearing +24 S° deviations make up 2 – 4 degrees. The archipelago is quite high humidity and often fall out. But despite the high frequency of rains, they, as a rule, are short-term. Rain season, lasting from the beginning of autumn until the middle of the spring is accompanied by frequent Tumans. In winter, the weather becomes windy, And on the tops of the archipelago even falls snow. Summer is characterized here warm, sometimes hot Weatherman. But thanks Fresh sea breeze, Temperatures are transferred very well.


One of the main values Azores archipelago – His amazing nature. Her beauty and uniqueness is unlikely to compare with. Volcanic origin contributes a certain contrast in nature Azor. Rocks with green vegetation necklace here are replaced by lakes in volcanic craters, and blue ocean cuts the darkness of the sand of volcanic nature. Among all this, bright colors of blooming Hibiscus and hydrangea. Local residents relate to the surrounding pristine, almost untouched natural beauty. All this creates conditions for existence Rare representatives of flora and fauna. On the islands you can meet Arizona Flower and Azores, which are endemics. There are very few places like azoras.

Portugal. Azoras - Islands for Nature Friends


Azores stand in one row with Seychelles and Bahamas. However, Azor has one significant difference: Gorgeous hotels can not be found here With luxury and multiple technical innovations. Tourists come to the archipelago not for the royal holiday and snow-white beaches, they go to the islands for Communication with nature. Away from bustle and urban noise you can feel like part of this beautiful world, enjoy the rest. It may seek the impression that on the azoras is quite boring. But it is not. Besides swimming and relaxing on the beach, here you can Watch the birds, ride a bike, admire whales and swim with dolphins. You can climb up at Deltaplane or go down to the caves and grottoes. The occupation is there and lovers of outdoor activities: diving, surfing, sport fishing and much more. The main thing is that it’s all among the pristine beauty.

Many seek to relax in the luxury of the apartments of five-star hotels, but for a good rest sometimes just just feel like a part of this amazing world, as it happens on Azores.

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