Portugal – a country of great opportunities

This country attracts a huge number of tourists from Russia and other countries of the world because here you can find everything you need for a magnificent rest.

Benefits of a trip to Portugal

Very great dignity Portugal lies in the fact that in the summer there is no scorching heat here. Therefore, the country is perfect for rest with young children or older people.

At resorts and in cities there are many entertainment and for young people. Diverse Bars, Disco and Nightclubs will not let you get bored in the evenings.

For those who are interested in history and architecture, the most interesting will be visited by cities such as:

  • Lisbon;
  • Port;
  • Braga;
  • Coimbra and others.

Special beauty and identity differ Local monasteries. Most of them are built in the period Middle Ages. So they are included in the catalog UNESCO.

Inquisitive travelers are invited to see the famous Tower Belem, National Palace Kelush, Pavilion Dona Mary and etc.

Portugal Because of its special geographic location, many times became the target for raids from a wide variety of sides, so all sorts of Fortified castles, fortresses and military facilities always had a great importance.

Be sure to explore Bethlehem Tower of St. Vincent, representing a special fortification. It is threatening at the very shore River Tejo, becoming reliable security from any enemy. And because of the neighborhood with Atlantic Ocean, The fortress was considered absolutely impregnable.

Baroque built National Mafra Palace under Lisbon will not leave indifferent any true connoisseur of art and culture. He is a monument of the architecture of the eighteenth century with him only in emerging classicism.

Undoubted interest is also attached to Palace church.

Portugal - a country of great opportunities

And the oldest Castle of St. George remembered for life.

Those who are tired and want to sunbathe, in Portugal Offered wonderful Resort Algarve. It is the longest shore, built-in hotels.

From the north he is covered by the winds of the mountains. Therefore, the natural bowl, which creates a special microclimate.

Hotels have a well-maintained environmentally friendly territory. The beaches here are usually sandy, and the bottom is very smooth and pleasant. There are all types of entertainment for holidaymakers.

Accommodation, Food and Shops

Hotels in Portugal Very high level. Most of them correspond to European system four or five stars.

Only breakfast is usually available. But do not have to regret, since local cuisine is famous for the whole world. Therefore, it is better to eat in a cafe or in a restaurant, trifting all the dishes available in the menu.

Most often they consist Fish, cooked the most unusual ways, with different seasonings, sauces and spices.

Unusually tasty also Soups from cabbage, pumpkins or eels.

Snacks are offered Local production cheeses, salads or fruits.

For dessert in Portugal I will definitely servet pineapple, almond pie, amazing sweets, and amazingly exquisite wine.

Shops offer tourists excellent quality. Among them – Footwear, leather products, jewelry and t.D.

Local fashion has long been considered one of the most elected in the world, so the lover of beautifully look can buy here any items of wardrobe.

Also for memory as a souvenir you need to bring with you Portwine, Madera, Tile of special dressing, woven products, ceramic dishes or statuette.

Portugal - a country of great opportunities

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