Portraits of historical personalities created by neural

What are the efforts of the artist, the paintings rarely achieve the same realism as photos. Bass Utervaeke, photographer from Amsterdam, who owns computer graphics, 3D animation and special effects, is trying to determine how famous historical personality really looked.

As the bass says, "the human face has not changed much over these thousands of years, and, with the exception of hairstyles and makeup, people who lived a long time ago were probably very similar to us, although we were accustomed to see them in a distorted format of classical art that existed Long until the invention of the photo ".

An experiment with the creation of portraits, he began with the help of generative-sensitive neural networks (GAN), because he sees the future of photography. Such neural networks are trained on thousands of photographs of people and then from scratch create photo-realistic images.


Portraits of historical personalities created by neural

The ArtBreeder program that applies the bass, uses artificial intelligence and neural networks based on the information made by him in combination with the fact that the program knows about the image of persons and features of lighting. "I try to make the technical part, and artificial intelligence performs everything else, but sometimes I still have to process photos, because GaN does not know how to recreate clothes and hairstyles," the photographer notes.

"Despite the fact that my work is more based on the imagination than scientifically confirmed facts, in some cases the result seems much more close to reality in comparison with other methods of reconstruction," concludes lost.

It is said that the main purpose of the artist consists not in the description of the smallest details, but in the transmission of a person’s character. What do you think, the bass turned out?

Portraits of historical personalities created by neural

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