Portobello flea market in detail

And if it is London? Talk about the flea market in Notting Hill – the world’s most famous antiques market Portobello.

Every Saturday from all over the European sellers come out with a varied piece goods.

Only here hunt behind the broken lamps, as if the most luxurious thing.

Only here directly from the hands on the street you can buy diamonds of pure water – and no deception, because the reputation of the seller is even more expensive. And they are waiting for years.

There are antique dealers from all over the world and representatives of the most famous auctions. And people of creative professions are inspired by this push.

Yes what to say there, even world stars are not averse to serving local ferry.

To describe what is sold in local shops and on clamshells – no article is enough. Therefore, we turn to the most important issue that practical people are puzzled.

I quote this bewilderment: "I guess, I lack bourgeoisity – but, even kill, I do not understand why I should delighted the eyes at the sight of a semi-sized rimmed chest? Or fall off the impressive amount for a chair, in which hundreds of unknown ass satisfied before me?! All these candlesticks, Pathetones … It is a bunch of money, but looks like a bunch of garbage ".

Here it is! I hope many travelers also asked themselves? And I will explain to the motivation of visitors to you by quoting another book heroine. Because it will be unfair if I retell your words. Read the scribe, and you will become understandable.

"My attention was attracted to the ghosts of vintage dresses, casually posted near one of the awnings. I got closer and turned out to be a witness of an impressive painting: a girl of years of eighteen, almost with tears in the eyes I dug out the skirt shifting germ. It seems that two hundred fifty pounds asked for a skirt, and the sufferers had only one hundred. I could not stop – I was always attracted by madness.

The skirt looked as if she was removed from the deceased, years fifty lainning in the crypt … I will say honestly: I get to me such a skirt, I would have a pity for a fear of pity. And this eccentric is ready to lay out for it for a hundred pounds, and her sharp puppet chin is already shaking from approaching tears, the poor thing is afraid that the desired skirt will swim in other people’s hands.

– Sorry, – I quietly addressed her, good English I have a great. – And you are sure that this skirt … hmm … costs such money? For a hundred pounds you could buy a new one, the most fashionable.
The girl hatched at me as if I offered her a group of five dark-skinned homeless.
– Are you joking? – finally she said.
– I … Maybe I interfere with the wrong thing, but I really don’t understand, – I smiled softly.
– Where are you from?
– Russia.

Portobello flea market in detail

– Clear, – Girl grinned crookedly. – Probably, in your country there is little importance to make the magic time.
– what? – I was surprised.
– time inhales the magic in things, – explained the mysterious girl. – not in everything, of course. Think why people chase for antique bureaus, old paintings, other people’s relics, darkened silverware ..
– Antiques – excellent investment.
– What kind of landed you are, – she suffered. – old things inhale the soul! They bring in our life the charm of other epochs, other mood. These are you not a faceless plastic bedside tables from IKEA – a symbol of youth, fashionable, but dead home. These things loved people who have long been alive! They are impregnated with powerful energy. And about clothes … to be honest, now they just don’t know how to cut. Even if you buy a new dress in the style of Vintage, it will still be a little wrong.

– But this skirt … It is clear that she is old, you see, on her spot! You are not completely disgusting?
– a stain can be outlined, "girl squeezed her lips. – You know what, I will not argue with you. But please make something for me.
– What exactly? – I was surprised.
– try something like something. Dress, corset – no matter. Scroll, look at yourself in the mirror and say again that Vintage is nonsense.
– Well, okay, "I shrugged.
– I myself choose! – Girl revived. – I am at Portobello almost every day and know every dress perfectly.
For a short breaking in the hangers, she extended me something color of tea roses, with abundant crumpled lace.
– Here. This dress. Beginning of the century, tenth years, silk, lace. Then it was inexpensive, and now – invaluable.

Shrugged (I still have nothing to do), I was removed into the improvised fitting. Cope with lace, ribbons, lacing and fasteners was not easy. It is immediately clear that the women of the past had much more time than our unfortunate, scorching in the mornings, which will fall at hand.

We just do not physically do not have time to wear these outfits, where every fold, every ribbon you need to handle a barely warm iron. Knitting the last bow, I turned to the mirror, confident in advance that nothing good will not come from this vent.

My face was dirty, the hair was encountered. And suddenly … I can’t even say what exactly happened why suddenly a woman in the mirror seemed to me someone else’s, more adult, beautiful, sophisticated. But it was so. Nothing has changed – Just instead of the usual jeans on me there were several layers of mint silk … But I suddenly became cold and beautiful, as a woman from the past, like a silent movie star.

I suddenly saw that I had high purebred cheekbones that my hair had a beautiful tint of ripe rj, that waist my fine, and hips – on the contrary, feminine and lush, exciting. I was beautiful classic beauty, the one over which time is not powerful. It was so amazing! Unable to resist this strange feeling, I handed out the palm and stroked the dusty mirror. ".

Portobello flea market in detail

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