Porto Seguro (Porto Seguro)

From the main Brazilian cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Salvador, to the port of the port is the most convenient to reach the aircraft.

Porto Seguro Airport (Porto Seguro Airport) – The main air gates of the city of Porto-Segura.

Air Italy – from Milan (Italy), seasonal flights

Azul Brazilian Airlines – from Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Porto Alegre

GOL Airlines – from Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Sao Paulo

Tam Airlines – from Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Sao Paulo

Trip Linhas A&# 233; Reas – from Belo Horizonte, Ileus, Rio de Janeiro

WebJet – from Belo Horizonte, Brazilia, Sao Paulo

Porto Seguro (Porto Seguro) – Resort town on the Atlantic coast of Brazil, located 1098 km north of Rio de Janeiro and 307 km south of Ileusus. Population – 126,770 people (2010).

Porto Seguro (Porto Seguro)

In 1500, Portuguese expedition was landfilled in the vicinity of Porto Segur, Pedro Alvarish Kabarla, who opened Brazil for Europeans. The city itself was founded a little later, June 20, 1534.

Until the early 19th century, Porto Seguru was one of the most lively portuguese portuguese ports in South America and is currently a major tourist center, popular from both Brazilians themselves and foreign tourists (mainly from Argentina, Portugal and the USA).

More than two dozen large resort complexes and about two hundred minor hotels and campsites are located on the territory of the resort area of ​​Porto Segur.

In addition to colonial architecture (mainly built by the XVIII century) and vintage churches, in the port of the port of a beautiful landscape and about 85 km of magnificent sandy beaches.

In addition, close to the city are the protected areas of the Atlantic forests, popular with eco-tourists (in the past, the region was extensive virgin forests, now almost 92% destroyed due to deforestation).

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