Port (Porto) – one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, which is famous for the picturesque facades of houses and labyrinths of narrow streets and alleys. This city enchants millions of tourists, he would still, because he gave the name not only port wine, but also a whole country. Tourists This city attracts its rich history, stunning architecture, endless houses, palaces and churches who host their guests with real aristocratic hospitality. Particularly unites port with Lisbon and distinguishes it from other cities of Portugal Folklore guitar music, lyrical melodies about love and homeland.

Porto is the former capital of Portugal, the main northern city of this Western state. It is located on one of the largest rivers of Europe – on the Dora River. Porto attracts tourists with its warm climate – winter is soft here, and summer is slightly wet. Many in the city and attractions. Among them, the castle in which the first king of Portugal was born and lived, Don Alfonso Enriches, the oldest Botanical Garden in Portugal – Garden port, and the main symbol of the port is the 75-meter Klorigush Tower.

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What is interesting to see in the port?

Top attractions of Porto

Museum of Portwine

Church of St. Francis

Romantic Museum

National Theater San Joao

San Benth Station

Exchange Building in Porto

Porto: Excursions and events

People who come to the resort port city cannot not fall in love with this wonderful city. It should be noted that no vacation tourists passes without excursions around the city.

A favorite place to visit is Clereigush Tower – The highest tower in the country, 75 meters high, built in the unusual baroque style. Another neoclassical style masterpiece that tourists willingly attend – This is Palaciu da Bolsha, the Palace of Exchange with luxurious interiors, which is located in the city center. For connoisseurs of music from the city there is a beautiful building «Music House», Built on the draft Rem Kolhas. Its construction began in 2001, and continued until 2005. This new pride of the port also attracts tourists and conducts unforgettable events.

Tourists’ excursions will be acquainted with the national traditions of the country, help to know the history of the Portuguese people, to imbued with it, admire various works of art. After going to excursion tours to Portugal, be sure to visit the National Museum of Suaris Souls Risha or visit the tram museum, a very original Museum of Portugal.

History of Porto

Climate in Porto

The climate in the city of Porto is very soft and warm, mostly subtropical, oceanic. Winter is warm enough — The air temperature is rarely lowered below +10°WITH. Summer moderate roast — Temperature rises to +25°WITH. Basically, precipitation falls on the autumn-winter period. In summer, they are much smaller, so the best time for rest in the port falls for July-September, since the smallest amount of precipitation falls in this, and the air and water temperature is ideal for recreation. Watch detailed weather in the port of the month.

Porto, Portugal Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Porto Tourprom Travel Guide

Porto: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Some prefer holidays on the beach, others love active. For lovers of the latter, rest in the city of Porto can become unforgettable. Here you can enjoy a variety of sports from water to any other: football, golf, tenacious, hayking, mountaineering, equestrian sport, and t.D. The territories of many hotels have their own sports grounds.

Transport features Porto

Many travelers arrive at the port by train from Lisbon. Port – This is a major city in which public transport system is well developed. The most common way to move around the city is the subway. But the subway here is very unusual, it is terrestrial, from time to time, leaving underground, and trains are replaced by trams. Approximate time of its work from 6 am to the o’clock at night. With the help of the metro, you can get far from all the sights of the port, so the locals and most tourists prefer buses or trams. There are many stopping points in the city center, so the route should be developed in advance to know how to move around the city.

Many tourists prefer hiking. They not only save on the pass, but also live the real life of local residents, they have the opportunity to see the whole city as it is.

There are two types of trams in the city – High-speed and ordinary, classic. High-speed trams are popular with those tourists who want to see the most interesting places of the port and get from one point of the city to another as soon as possible. Old trams — These are rarities on wheels, these trams are used since the 1920s! Trams go with a slight break in half an hour in three different routes: by the historic part of the city, along the bank of the Douro River and from the cable car.

Tickets for buses and tram sold in special kiosks. Their cost is low. Traveling over two routes covering the main directions in the city will cost about 1 euros, and six zones — 8 Euro.

Ticket when landing to transport is scanned using a special device. There are no turnstiles in transport, but it is not worth the sickness, since authorized inspectors make traversions and identify violators who are punished with a fine of almost 95 euros. If you decide to go to other cities of Portugal, then the best solution – it go there by train, especially since the tickets for them are enough cheap.

On the train Alfa Pendular from Lisbon to Porto, the approximate cost of the ticket is equal to 27 EUR on a fast train, and at a slower one – InterCidades — 18 EUR. Prices for all directions are approximately the same, less comfortable trains and less speed will cost cheaper, as in the world.

Porto, Portugal Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Porto Tourprom Travel Guide

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