Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre)

Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre) – The major city in the south of Brazil, located 120 km from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, 1100 km south of Sao Paulo. Population – 1 413,094 people (2011).

The city is located in the Delta of the five rivers, forming Guaab Bay, which is part of the largest Lagwa Lagoon Lagwood in Brazil (Lagoa Dos Patos), the length of 280 km and the width of about 70 km. The lake is separated from the Atlantic Ocean with a sandy oblique from 7 to 20 km width.

Porto Alegre was founded in 1772 by Portuguese immigrants from the Azores, but the official date of the foundation is considered to be 1810. The overwhelming majority of the city’s population currently has European roots.

Today, Porto Alegre is the capital of Rio-Grand-Du-Du-Sul, an important cultural, political and economic center of the region. This is also one of the richest cities here the highest standard of living and literacy rate (97%) among the capitals of the Brazilian states.

The main attractions of Porto Alegre – Colonial architecture in the historic center of the city, a popular tourist area Martiz (PRAçA Da Matriz) with the majestic cathedral, as well as rich nightlife (nightclubs, bars and restaurants offer entertainment for every taste and wallet).

The Green Hills, located in the city feature and numerous city squares and parks, which are called one of the most green cities of Brazil, gives the special painter.

Porto Alegre is located 1540 km from Rio de Janeiro and 1100 km from Sao Paulo. The most convenient way to get here from these cities – airplane.

International Airport Salagad Fili (AEROPORTO INTERNACIONAL SALGADO FILHO) – Main Air Gate Porto Alegre.

Avianca Brazil – from Brazilia, Grande Campu, Kuyaba, Curitiba, Port Vella, Sao Paulo

Azul Brazilian Airlines – from Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro

Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre)

Gol Airlines – from Belo Horizonte, Brazilia, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Campinas, Grande Campu, Cordoba (Argentina), Kuyaba, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Manaus, Montevideo (Uruguay), Porto Vielju, Rio de Janeiro , Recife, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Santiago (Chile).

Pluna – from Montevideo (Uruguay)

TAP PORTUGAL – from Lisbon (Portugal)

Tam Airlines – from Belo Horizonte, Brazilia, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Campinas, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Fortaleza, Manaus, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Sao Paulo

Trip Linhas A&# 233; Reas – from Belo Horizonte, Grand Campu, Kuiaba, Foz Do Iguazu, Sao Paulo

WebJet – from Brazilia, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Fortaleza, Foz do Iguazu, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, São Paulo

Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre)

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