Museum of Portiman

Museum of Portiman Opened in the spring of 2008 and is located in the building of the former factory «Fu Germanos», which was built at the end of the XIX century. Before placing exhibits in the museum, the Portiman Museum was completely renovated.

The exposition of the museum will tell you about the city, its industry and important historical periods and cultural traditions. Portiman Museum consists of three halls. His first room is devoted to the emergence of Portiman. Museum visitors will learn about the geographical advantages of the location of the city, as well as its natural resources from the prehistoric period to modern times.

Portiman Museum Attractions Portimau Turprom Travel Guide

Much attention is paid to social, cultural, as well as the economic life of the city in the last years of the twentieth century. In the next hall, the exposition is dedicated to the city industry and the activities of the Canning Plant. Visitors have the opportunity to see the entire process of producing canned food, from the supply of fresh fish to sales in the market. The third hall is located in the underground reservoir of the former factory created to collect rainwater, which was supposed to be sent to steam boilers. In it, the audience have the opportunity to watch a documentary film about the underground life of the flora and fauna of the city located on the banks of the River Arade.

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