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And here I returned from the next journey in Egypt. This time my main goal was Port Said. Why this city, it is difficult for me to clearly formulate. In many ways because the name seems to me very romantic. Itifies the spirit of distant wanderings and marine adventures. This is certainly a very good reason to go somewhere, and why not in the end!

I also wanted to see Suez Canal and huge ocean courts passing on it. It’s all my love for marine romance. At one time I read all the books that I could find, about marine travel and adventures. I reached my goals and saw what I wanted.

Port Said - Suez Canal, ancient architecture and a unique atmosphere of the port city -

But, as often happens in life, the romantic fler quickly evaporated after a collision with a very non-inactive reality. And photographs of the most beautiful places and attractions (Suez Canal between Port Said and Port Fuadom, mosques on the bank of the canal in Port Foade and the Suez Canal Administration Buildings) I don’t have a single.

Suez Canal is a specially protected strategic object in Egypt. Embankments in the city are literally naked by police, as they say, not only in the form, but also in civilian clothes. Therefore, the photos had to forget. Where the most beautiful views, I did not even take a mobile pocket. Foreigners there are rare guests, it is immediately felt on the increased attention of local residents – I felt in Port Said by White Voronene, especially just on the embankments of Port Said and Port Fuada, where many people. I did some photos of the channel, but the most beauty remained only in my memory.

Port Said - Suez Canal, ancient architecture and a unique atmosphere of the port city -

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