Port Said (PORT SAID)

Port Said (PORT SAID) – The port city in the northeast of Egypt is located the Mediterranean coast at the northern end of the Suez Canal, about 180 km from Cairo. Population – 603,787 people (2010).

The city was founded in 1859 on the sandy spit separating the Mediterranean Sea from the salty coastal lake of the Manzala. Originally built as part of the channel infrastructure.

Few people know that the statue of freedom, which today is considered the main symbol of the United States, once planned to establish in Port Said called «Light asia». However, the government solved the transportation of the design from France, and its installation is too expensive.

Port Said is also a popular beach resort from locals, there are several sandy beaches.

The main attractions of the city include the Suez Canal embankment and the National Museum located on it.

Suez Chanal (Suez Canal) – Shipping Powerless Channel in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean and Red Sea. Located to the west of the Sinai Peninsula, has a length of 163 kilometers

Main ports: Port Said (Mediterranean Sea) and Suez (Red Sea).

The zone of the Suez Canal is considered a conditional boundary between two continents, Africa and Eurasia.

The channel allows water transport to take place in both sides between Europe and Asia without drowning in Africa (an alternative route is lengthy for 8 thousand. km). About 8% of world marine messages passes through the channel. Passage takes from 11 to 16 hours.

Before the opening of the channel, transportation was carried out by unloading ships and land transportation between the Mediterranean and the Red Seas.

Port Said (PORT SAID)

According to the administration of the Suez Canal, the income from its operation in 2010 amounted to 4.5 billion. USD, which makes it the second largest source of budget filling after tourism, which brought 13 billion. USD.

The shores of the Suez Canal connect two bridges (El Ferdan Bridge and Mubarak Bridge), Ahmed Hamdi tunnel and numerous ferry crossings.

El Ferdan Bridge – Railway Rotary Bridge over the Suez Canal, located in the vicinity of the Egyptian city of Ismailia. Is the longest turning bridge in the world (length – 340 meters). El Ferdan replaced the old bridge, destroyed during the six-day war in 1967.

Bridge named. Hosni Mubarak – Automotive Age Bridge, built in 2001. He crosses the Suez Canal and connects Asia with Africa. This bridge is part of the Port Said highway – Ismailia.

Before the construction of Viaduct Miyo Bridge was the highest guy bridge. Its height is 70 meters, the total length is almost 4 km, the length of the main span is 404 meters, the roadbed width is 10 meters. In the construction of the bridge, one Japanese and two Egyptian construction companies took part.

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