Port Said

Port Said – Young and modern city in Egypt. Despite the fact that this is a rather large industrial center, he still attracts tourists with his mysterious charm.

Port Said is at a distance of 200 km from Cairo, in the northeastern part from the capital of the country, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Port Said resort appeared in the XIX century, his appearance is timed to the construction of a Suez Canal. Interestingly, the resort of Port Said is called the country gates of the country.

Port Said Resort – This is amazingly cozy wooden houses with balconies, street labyrinths resembling a colonial era. Someone this resort may seem slightly dilapidated, but it is precisely in this charm. There are here and modern buildings typical of modern cities.

Port Said, Egypt Recreation, Reviews, Port Said Hotels Travel Guide

Note that this resort attracts cruise tourists: cruise liners always stop here, this place is simple perfect for walking!

Interesting fact about the resort of Port Said: Statue of Liberty, which can be seen today, was originally established here. Then it was planned to call «Asia Light». However, for this, the statue would have to be transported from France, which is too expensive for a small resort. Nevertheless, the history of Port Said remembers this funny fact.

You can visit Port Said as a cruise tourist, and you can stay in one of its relatively inexpensive hotels. We will specify that holidays in Port Said will have to do with lovest tourists of non-mask.

Port Said, Egypt Recreation, Reviews, Port Said Hotels Travel Guide

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