Port of Tivata

The port of Tivat is considered one of the most beautiful marins for yachts, with a developed adjacent coastline. Tivat position in a secluded part of the bay of the bay at the same time as the proximity of the Tivat airport, makes the port very attractive as a transit movement. The bandwidth of the port from year to year only increases: in total, it is supposed to build about 600 berths, which can accommodate transport, from 12 to 150 meters long.

After the collapse of Yugoslavia, the port was bought by Canadian businessman Peter Munk, who set his task to build a luxurious embankment on the coast, convenient for owners of superyacht. Today, the port of Tivat is the first complex building located in the Adriatic Sea. Pier will have berths at 650 yachts, 150 of them – for super yachts (up to 150 mV length).

Port of Tivat Sights of Tivat Travel Guide

The port is already part of the full range of services offered in Tivat: here you can rent and buy elite apartments, visit shops, restaurants, as well as various entertainment facilities.Currently, almost 200 berths operate in the port, several buildings with luxurious residences, swimming pool, shops, bars, sports club, yacht club, beauty salon and even the Naval Museum.The construction of the complex is produced mainly from the local stone, with the roof in terracotta tones

Port of Tivat Sights of Tivat Travel Guide

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