Port of El Cantaui

Port of El Cantaui, located at a short distance from the Sousse resort, is a large tourist area where all traditional tourists are offered «Primorsky» ways to spend money on something interesting. First of all these are marine entertainment – From here you can sail into the sea on a small «Pirate» Yacht or on a boat with a transparent bottom, immerse yourself in the sea depths on Batiskfe, rent catamaran or even agree on marine fishing.

Preferring to admire the gifts of the sea directly in the plate will easily find a large number of restaurants specializing in understandable reasons on fish and other difts to the sea, and fresh pastry fried on the grill is sold at quite humane prices. Here is the ice cream house – specifically for those who want to cool.

Port of El Kantaui Attractions Sousse Travel Guide

Also in Port El Cantaui there is a small water park, which is nevertheless to go with the younger generation, a small amusement park and a small zoo are designed for children. You can walk and on the embankment, admire the luxurious yachts, visit the Botanical Garden «Oasis Park El Cantaui», in which a multicolor collection of rare plants is collected. Here is one of the largest golf clubs of Tunisia.

Experts argue that the best time to visit Port El Cantaui – Evening, when day heat falls, at the entrance to the port launch musical fountains with light show.

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