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Port Louis — The largest city, the main port and the capital of Mauritius. Located on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

The capital of the Republic of Mauritius is Port Louis, located north – West Islands. It was founded in the XVIII in. Frenchman Mae – de – la – Bourdona, in honor of which the largest of the Seychelles. Port Louis called named King France Louis XV. From the moment of founding, administrative and residential buildings were built, maritime port, military forts and hospitals. Now he became the only ocean port of the island of Mauritius. In 1810. Port Louis became the center of the English colony, only in 1968. He became the capital of an independent state, and from 1992. – Main City of the Republic of Mauritius.

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Excursion to the capital of the island – Port Louis + Botanical Garden, Catamaran Cruises, National Par Domanie Les Pailes, Crocodile Farm

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In addition to the island of Mauritius, the Mauritius state is another smaller islands. The biggest of them is Rodriguez Island, which is very popular with diving lovers. Unfortunately, arriving on the island, according to the law it is necessary to stay on it at least 5 days, which is unlikely to arrange the majority of tourists. And on some other islands there are one-day tours for lovers of beach recreation and snorkeling.

By the way, about diving. For lovers swim with aqualung Mauritius – Perfect place. Transparent water, abundance of fish, coral islets, sunken ships. In addition, almost the whole island is protected from the ocean by barrier reef. The main beach of divers is in the Grand Beach, not far from the Botanical Garden.

Fans of marine fishing can go to the ocean on the ship and try to catch Barracuda, Blue or Black Marlin. It should be noted that with a wide distribution of fishing in coastal waters, Mauritius is prohibited underwater hunting.

Port Louis, Mauritius Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Port Louis Tour Profection Travel

Port Louis Transport Features

Taxi: Taxi can be taken at the airport or near the hotel. The cost of the trip should be stated in advance, since most taxis do not have meters.

Buses: Mauritius buses – good type of transport, and although they are a bit slow, but can deliver you to any point of the island. There are several bus companies on the island, but none of them serves the whole island. Port Louis and Curpip are the main transport hubs. Tickets are cheap, and they must be kept during the trip, as they are often checked. Roads on Mauritius are different, there are well-groomed highways, and there are country roads with chops.

car rental: Machine can be rented with the driver. Some car rental locations:

Avis Al Madina Road, Port Louis, Tel. +230 208 16 246


Car rental cost from $ 25 per day, one liter of gasoline – 0, 5 dollars.

Airports: Sir Sivuzagura Ramgulama International Airport is near Maubur in the south-east of Mauritius Island, at the opposite end from Port Louis. The capital does not go direct buses from the airport, but from Port Louis to Maebur several times a day there are expressions for stopping at the airport. The company ‘Air Mauritius’ carries out flights to Rodriguez Island (a trip takes about one and a half hours), the same company hosts organized helicopter tours of Mauritius. Ships of the company ‘MV Mauritius Pride’ several times a month run between the Islands Mauritius and Rodriguez.

Port Louis, Mauritius Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Port Louis Tour Profection Travel

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