Port El Cantaui

Port El Cantaui – Suburban resort on which prestigious hotels are located­, Golf Course, Riding Clubs and Other Centers Created to Entertain Tourists. Large port is ready to simultaneously accommodate more than three hundred ships, life in the resort boils in full.

V Port El Cantaui Fish restaurants, souvenir shops, for travelers are marine excursions, diving centers, water parks. Port Beaches are not ready to give up with comfortable coastal stripes of elite resorts of the country. In El Cantaui Beautiful Hawant, Gardens, Luxury Alleys of Olive Trees.

Suburb already from afar is noticeable by snow-white houses that surround the blue bay. Mall who knows, but the resort was originally conceived as a tourist democratic center. The construction of the first buildings began in the second Voltina of the last century for funds allocated by Abu Dhabi banks. Today wealthy citizens of Tunisia and tourists from all over the globe come to the city to feel the atmosphere of the present resort suburbs, where comfort and peace are combined with an active holiday.

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Top attractions of Port El Cantaui

Waterpark Aqua Palace

Port El Cantaui: excursions and events

The spa zone of Port El Cantaui was created quite recently, for this very reason for historical and cultural facilities, attractions in the city are not so much. For architectural decorations should go on excursions to the neighboring city of Sousse, which is located 10 kilometers.

In Sousse is a stunning medina, and so de possessing a rich history of a big mosque, which will shock imagination at first sight. Among other things, during an excursion to tourists will be offered to visit the Khalifa Tower and the Museum of the Family, where life and conditions are clearly shown. There are in the city and not few other important historical monuments.

Very popular excursions in the yacht port. One of the main three-hour journeys on the real ship of Pirates, where travelers will be able to feel like real sea robbers. Interesting will be a boat ride, which has a transparent bottom. Such an excursion will allow to watch the beauty of the seabed and its inhabitants. Popular diving excursions, during which you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor. And you can also go beyond the city and visit Rancho, having acquainted with the peculiarity of riding.

History Port El Cantaui

Climate in Port El Cantaui

The climate in the resort is definitely refer to the type of subtropical. This climate is characterized by softness, and in its parameters remotely resembles South Spain. The best time for excursion tours begins in the spring, which begins in February, and ends in May.

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Winter lasts quite a bit, about two months. Cold will not have time to come, and in the city comes warm. Summer can not be called hot or hot, but in July is quite warm. The velvet season lasts from the first days of autumn, and ends with November.

Port El Cantaui: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Since Port El Cantaui was originally conceived as a resort area, then, in a natural way, everything is created here for comforting. Free time is worth spending on long walks along well-kept streets, olive groves. Be sure to make a walk on a boat or yacht on the blue waters of Marina.

Sign up for a departure tour of the surrounding area. Visit the laser show, which in recent years has become very popular. If not sorry for time and strength we offer to take a tour of the country, the length of the route will be more than 1000 kilometers. During the trip, you will admire the scenery of the Sahara.

In the port of tourists are offered several excursions. Three hours you can spend on the present ship of pirates. We recommend going on a ship with a transparent day with children, so it will be seen by the sea but also underwater inhabitants. In the vicinity you can do diving. A few minutes drive is located Rancho, where horse riding will learn anyone who wants. And Port El Cantaui is famous for golf courses. The territory of the largest field is almost 150 hectares, on which about 35 holes. Equipment can be hire.

Transport Features Port El Cantaui

The Port El Cantanui resort can not boast of a large territory, so moving around the city is quite comfortable both on foot and on a bicycle. But still tourists prefer as transport – Taxi. Everything that’s needed – Stop the car, communicate and pay a trip. Cost on average will be about ten dinars. If desired, you can bargain and reduce the cost of half.

On the city also run bus, the fare in them – Total 2 dinars. Buses walk through all Central Persons Port El Cantanui. Be aware that all transport makes stopping near the central gate, the main stop of the resort.

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