Port Aventura

Port Aventura Spain or Port Aventura — The famous amusement park and resort in Europe, located in the town of Salou in the Spanish resort of Costa Dorada, about 1 hour to south of Barcelona. Annually, Port Aventura visits more than 3 million tourists, – so, this is the most frequently visited amusement park in all Spain, as well as the 6th at attendance in Europe.

The park also includes aquatic water park (PortAVENTURA AQUATIC) and 4 hotels. This is the largest resort complex with amusement park in the south of Europe. In a 30-minute response from the park are two international airports, a 10-minute drive away is Reus Airport. Railway station near the portenament connects it with such cities as Barcelona and Salou.

History Port Aventura
The park was designed and built by joint efforts of British companies Tussauds Group and Anheuser-Busch, as well as the American company UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in 1995. In 1997, Universal Studios bought a large part of the Park shares and renamed the park in Universal’S Port Aventura. In 2000, two hotels and water park Costa Caribe were built in Port Aventura, after which the park began to be called Universal Mediterranea. In 2004, NBC Universal, Universal Studios, Sold Park. Today, Port Aventura belongs and managed by the investment company Criteria, which belongs to the CAIXA banking group. The word Universal was removed from the name in 2005, so now the park is called simply portamentand (PortAventura), the space between words is eliminated for reasons of legal protection of the glorified trademark.

Park structure Port Aventura
This Spanish amusement park is divided into 6 thematic «worlds»:

1) Mediterranean in Port Aventura

Mediterranean — This is the first part of the park, where tourists come immediately from the main entrance. V «Mediterranean» Focused a huge number of diverse restaurants, all kinds of cafes and souvenir shops. This part of the park is the Furius Baco attraction (it was opened in 2007), which accelerates to the masks of 135 km / h for 3.5 seconds. Feelings from the trip remain just unforgettable, especially those who are occupied by the left side of the center and on the front seats. At the same time, it is extremely desirable to lay out things from pockets so as not to lose. Note that for tourists there is a limit on growth – so, the minimum growth should be 1.40 meters, and the maximum — 1.95 meters.

2) Wild West v Port Aventura

In this part of the park, everything reminds of the times of the American Wild West. Here reigns a barustic cowboy spirit, here you can observe colorful American landscapes, listen to the exciting mind music and so on. The following attractions are particularly interested in tourists: Silver River Flume and Stampida, Tomahawk and Grand Canyon Rapids.

Silver River Flume — This is a wonderful water attraction that represents a river with sharp height differences. The last rise and descent cause strong emotions from all tourists without exception, because dry from here it is almost impossible to get out. Stampida — These are wooden American races on compact trolleys, which are moving along parallel routes. Tomahawk in Port Aventura is a wooden roller coaster on solitary type trolleys. Grand Canyon Rapids — This is a water attraction, where tourists are invited to make a descent on the mountain river on a large inflatable balloon.

3) Mexico v Port Aventura

In this area of ​​tourists, there are colorful attractions and a huge number of cafes offering mexican dishes. Here is one of the newest (created in 2005) and popular attractions in tourists called «Flight Condor». Attarkation height – 100 meters, free fall – 86 meters.

Pay attention to the ruling limit: minimal growth — 1.40 meters maximum — 1.95 meters. Also on the territory of the Mexican area there is an attraction called El Diablo-Tren de la Mina — These are American races on a special extended route, without strong height drops.

4) China in Port Aventura

In this area of ​​the park there is a real chin-toun, and in the best manifestation. The Dragon Khan attraction is the true attraction of the entire amusement park. Throughout the route, tourists roll at a speed of about 100 km / h to 8 loops, so indifferent after such riding, as a rule, does not happen!

Interestingly, on May 12, 2012 in the park there was a discovery of new unique slides of Shambhala (Shambhala), drowning all European speed records and heights (see. Video about Shambala). The attraction beats three European records at once:

Port Aventura Sights of Costa Dorada Travel Guide
  • Shambala – these are the highest slides in Europe (height = 76 meters)
  • These are American slides with the longest fall (is 78 meters)
  • The fastest racs in Europe, the attraction develops speed of 134 km / h on the first descent.

The attraction of Shambala in Port Aventura presents the public 5 peaks for the rise, the smallest of them has a height that is equivalent to a 7-world building. On each of these peaks, tourists will experience the effect known as Air Time, that is, literally losing contact with the seat. It will be reminded of sudden level drops on a dirt road, but much more intense.

There are 3 trains on the attraction, each on 32 places that can run on the route at the same time. Acting limit on growth: minimum growth should be 1.40 meters.

5) Polynesia v Port Aventura

Colorful theatrical show, numerous rides, food in a cafe with naziolanous kitchen and the thematic design tolerate tourists Polynesia. Among the rides of Polynesia, which deserve special attention to the guests, are allocated as follows: Sea Odyssey 4D cinema and water attraction TUTUKI SPLASH. Also interesting:

  • Swing kontikiwave
  • River and swing in «Polynesia»

6) Sesame to Port Aventura

Sesame is a magical country in Port Aventura for children, where attractions work even for the youngest visitors. All, ranging from 3-year-old guests to adult tourists will certainly find there entertainment. For example, children come delighted with airplanes that drive on special rails above the sesame zone, as well as an attraction – free fall (slow and low), exciting carousel «airplane», Cute managed fish and much more.

Port Aventura Sights of Costa Dorada Travel Guide

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