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Not so long ago, about 6 children back In Stuttgart, another car museum dedicated to the brand « Porshe ». The museum is located in the modern urban area in a futuristic building, which seeks to reflect the philosophy.

Distinctive feature of the museum – The building in which he is located. More than one hundred million euros left for an ultra-modern architecture. Nowhere in the whole world is impossible to find a similar structure. From each point, the museum will look in different ways. In the walls of the museum are eighty cars of the famous brand, from the first model of the late 30s of the 20th century to the newly released « Porsche Carrera ». On the territory of the museum there is a master, where more than 300 rare cars are stored and restored, which from time to time are involved in auto-drives. Unfortunately, the entrance to this treasury is not allowed to everyone. But, visitors will be able to see how masters are engaged in restoration of cars in the workshop. Feature collection in the car « Volkswagen Kafer », which is known in Russia called «bug». The fact is that Dr. Porsche created this model. Exhibits are placed in accordance with the Year of Release.

Porsche Museum Sights Stuttgart Tour Profit Guide

When visiting the museum, it is better to take an audio guide, which will make it clear to teach interesting facts about the production of cars and the history of development.

Porsche Museum Sights Stuttgart Tour Profit Guide

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