Pork leg in colonewood and a lot of beer

Many tourists who come to the Czech Republic, even from themselves, carefully hide that their main goal is to try at least a few varieties of famous Czech beer and taste local cuisine. We did not hide. Just going on the road, they decided: everything is enough to hide behind the desire for the beautiful! After all, even in the Bible, the bread is the urgent … And therefore, our task is to find out that they love to cook and eat in the Czech Republic, and only later, on the full stomach, to join a little to the treasures of the local culture.

And accepted. Once in Prague, they began to study the local cuisine, walking on restaurants, taverns, beerushkam, kortsmam and eaters, passing around.

We flew early in the morning, they abandoned things to the familiar friends who live in Prague, handed them to them and souvenirs and went to breakfast. I have long dreamed of trying the unknown knedlikov, who loved the brave soldier Schweik, and my companion somewhere deducted about the Czech dish called "Evina Satrist" and passionate about him dreamed. "Probably, this is something like a blueberry cake with vanilla and walnuts, losing cream and chocolate!" – she said, driving his eyes in anticipation of pleasure.

Walking through the desert streets, we were in front of the Cathedral of St. Vita. The cathedral itself was still closed, but from the restaurant located nearby "At the priest" Appetizing smells have already been distributed. We turned out to be the first visitors. Located at the table and adjust the verbal contact with the owner personally to us (he perfectly understood in our), I immediately ordered a dyedliki and beer (I did Sewing), and the lady was lined "Evin Sveti" and coffee. Soon, in front of me put a brutal mug of light "Pilside festival", Bowl with sour sauce and plate with round pale pellets. And my companion brought a small cup of coffee and a big hissing frying pan with scrambled eggs. "Eve, in honor of which this dish is named, he loved the scrambled eggs", – explained the owner. As a result, I appetite ate the scrambled eggs with beer, while my companion has concealed coffee with sweet manna satellites. After that, I strongly said: "Enough experiments! Let’s go to feed the appetite and somewhere truly snacks". And we headed for Karlov Bridge, to bear that, moving, then through Vltava in search of attractions, it is impossible.

A pretty story is connected with this bridge. So that the mortar for fasteners was durable and eternal, King Charles IV ordered to add raw eggs into it, which got over from all over the country. And the inhabitants of some village sent a whole wagon of eggs, welded by craft. Karl broke one about the granite stone, ate and ordered to convey all the eggs to her kitchen. Reaching the beer restaurant "In the bowl" (U Kalicha), where he loved to be Schweik, we chose the most quiet table in the corner and began to study the menu. A very funny names came across: "Beef Capture Lukas Lukas", pea soup "Austrians retreat", "Shweight Squarel (goose)", "Baked Oak Patoes", Fried goose "Emperor", "Colonse Pork Leg". It was still with a dozen soups – potato, vegetable, smoked, garlic, cheeses, fresh ham, sausages, sausages, roasted chestnuts and spickers in acric sauce, boiled corn, puddings, omelets and dumplings of all stripes. And, of course, the most famous varieties of beer: "Plsen holiday", "Plsensky Urkwell", "Gambrinus" and famous "Budva", which is a sales leader in Europe and the United States under the German title "Budweezer". I emphasize this "Budva" can be welded only on Vltava water and on a special Czech Khmele.

– What do you want? – asked the puzzled good-natured waiter in a black apron with a red-green rooster embroidered on it.

– Total except for docking! – the choir said we. Waiter pirrornetrel. He asked for permission to sit down and penetrated tone spoke:

– Friends! Do you know that there is a great many recipes for making dumplings – from wheat, rye, millet, bunny and buckwheat flour, from mankey and potatoes. Swine fat add in the dumplings, and sometimes barractions Kurdyuk, minced meat, honey, a variety of syrups and fruits, jams and jams, sunflower seeds, nuts. Only in Prague are preparing about 60 types of dumplings, and throughout the Czech Republic several hundred. Knedliki is an integral part of our life. For example, during the Communists in our restaurant, the preparation of dumplings with peppers did not approve in our restaurant, because the head of the district – he lived nearby and sometimes came here to skip the beer circles – it was impossible to eat acute. And the indemnity to the dumplings is the sauce. Sometimes it depends on the sauce, these dumplings are served to tea and coffee or to beer. No intelligent person will not refuse to taste the knedlikov, especially in our famous restaurant.

– And you can order pork leg with cabbage and a couple of dark beer mugs? We asked.

– You want to try "Veprov Knee"! – with satisfaction nodded the waiter. – I will bring to him beer and docks for two persons. For reference: "Veprovo Knee" soaked for a few hours in a special marinade, and then rush. Served its portion. Under beer need to take 200-300 grams – just not to eat. This dish first melts in the mouth, then pepper tickles the paws and requires stewed cabbage, and then the throat of beer.

Dumplings this time were with the taste of smoked pork. Under the sharp garlic tomato sauce, accompanied by beer, they themselves slipped into our stomachs. The pleasant satiety and good atmosphere of the restaurant had to stay here for the whole day and, despite enough high prices, to finish all the dishes. But we still had serious plans.

We continued to walk through the streets of the city, since the weather was relatively warm and windless. After some time, a natural desire began to form, I had to look around on the parties in search of the relevant institution.

– Look! – I said, pointing to a small door with the inscription of Pani. My companion gave me her backpack and boldly pushed the door. After half a minute, she jumped out from there as a scratch, and he stuck out of her head out of the door.

Pork leg in colonewood and a lot of beer

– You know, she exclaimed angrily, – Pani in Poland means – it means "Pani", And here Pani is a male sorter.

To be honest, my companion passed only two and a half days of an active lifestyle, and then under a clearly contrived pretext went to the hotel. I continued to fulfill the conceived alone. Soon he stopped memorized the names of the beer, and why – more than thousands of them in Prague! But alone I still remember me well.

Not far from Wenceslas Square, in the depths of a small street, there is a restaurant "Flika", Located in the ancient monastic beer, which is already the sixth hundred years. Beer here is called "Flikovsky Lelzhak", It is very dark and served under the live music of a small brass orchestra. After the first mug, I really began to look around in search of some sun bed, in order to close the eyelids. But I did not find it, and after the second mug came out on Wenceslas Square in a light fog.

The day before the departure, we visited Karlovy Vary. After the hour of bliss in hot healing water, which was driven out of tired of the organism tired of the organism, put it with physical strength and enlightened the mind, naturally, I wanted to have a snack.

In the local restaurant, we ate a lentil soup that brings wealth (it is believed that every lentil is like a gold coin), and a goulash of lamb. For dessert, they brought us traditional Czech delicacy "zavin" – tubes of hot pastry with chopped apples inside. Then we went to a place in front of and ordered a glass of absinthe. It’s amazing, but in the Czech Republic is free to sell the pale blue, sometimes aqua drink with alcohol from 30 to 70 degrees, while in most European countries and the United States banned absinthe because it is believed that prolonged use causes his hallucinations.

Returning to Prague, we continued our culinary research and found themselves in Josefov – Jewish quarter which has arisen here in the XI century. After wandering among the ancient sights, we went to a restaurant that offers national dishes. We were advised to order the fried carp in Hebrew (grilled and breaded), who turns out to be appreciated not only meat, but also fin length, density and brightness of the belly scales. Then we ate eggs stuffed with mushrooms and potato salad. And for dessert – apple and cherry strudel, gingerbread and vanilla horns. At the end of the meal at the insistence of the host drink (on the house), a glass of the famous Czech liqueur "Becherovka", called master peysatym drink kosher.

In general, writing about the joys of gluttony in the Czech Republic can be infinite, but one thing I am convinced firmly, avoid all restaurants and pubs in Prague for a week is not possible, it will take several months, if tastefully – even two-three years. However, you can try, and soon, if enough power.

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