Porec (Porec)

Porec (Porec) – Large resort town on the west coast of Istria in Croatia, located 52 km north of Pula and 33 km from Rovinj. Population – 17,460 people (2001).

Porec is one of the oldest cities on the peninsula, he has more than 2,000 years. His story began in the second century BC, when the Romans founded the settlement called Castrum.

Located a city in a very favorable place, in the depths of the bay, covered with the sea island. Nicholas. In the past, this fact contributed to the rapid growth of the vice and his port.

Today, first of all, it is a major tourist center (with excellent infrastructure, extended beaches and excellent recreation opportunities), one of the most famous Istria Peninsula. The local port is once big and important, now serves mostly tourists.

Thanks to the rich history, Porec is very interesting in architectural terms. Many old buildings of the historic part of the city were erected on the foundations of the ancient Roman buildings. There are many churches and cathedrals in the city, the most famous of which is the ancient Euphrasieva Basilica, the architectural complex of which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

According to the alleys and winding streets, Porec can walk for hours, and with its magnificent pedestrian embankment, a wonderful view of the bay and nearby islands opens.

The coast of Porec and its surroundings with a length of 37 km is a bizarrely rugged coastline, with numerous bates and beaches, a significant part of which, like almost everywhere in Istria, are concrete platforms, with equipped descents in the sea. There are also beaches with a large pebbles.

When bathing is recommended to have special shoes, so as not to damage the legs about sharp stones and about marine heroes.

In Porec, there are several nightclubs and a casino, as well as an unnecessary number of bars and restaurants.

One of the most famous – Blyblos Night Club, which opened in 2007 and considered one of the best on the peninsula. In season, DJs with world names come here, here were David Guetta, Erick Morillo, Umek, Sander Kleinenberg, Sharam, Axwell, Paul Oakenfold, David Morales.

We also recommend visiting nightclubs Villa Club, Saint & Sinner and Club Plava .

Porec (Porec)

Eufrazijeva Bazilika)
– It was built in the 6th century, on the spot dilapidated after raids of the Gothic tribes of the old church. It was built at the Bishop of Euphrasie, the name of which began to be called later.

In the construction of the temple, including fragments of the old church were used, including. Outdoor mosaic of this church has been preserved and is now in the Basilic Garden.

In 1440, after a powerful earthquake of Euphrasiyev, the Basilica was partially destroyed, and even some time was in short. In the 18th century it was reconstructed, bringing baroque features to the architecture. During the reconstruction in the 20th century, the late baroque elements were removed.

Today, basilica is a threefold temple with an atrium and an octagonal baptister. The most valuable her property is mosaic, outstanding sample of Byzantine art 6th century.

The architectural complex of Eufrase Basilica, which is now one of the most valuable samples of Byzantine art in Croatia, also includes Baptistery, Sacrysty, Bell Tower and Episcopal Residence. And in Chapel of the Sacrysty, the relics of several saints are stored, including the saint mara.

In 1997, the complex of Eufrase Basilica is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Porec (Porec)

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