Porec is a major tourist Croatian city with a rich history. The settlement is located 60 kilometers from the airfield, in the western part of the country, on the major Peninsula Istria.

Due to the uneven, cloth coastline, the beaches are quite rocky with uneven entrance to the sea. Therefore, the shores are mainly artificially created with concrete platforms and a ladder for entering the sea. Cafes and restaurants are ready to work year-round whole days disappear.

With a lively embankment, views of the archipelagoes of the islands, snow-white yachts and ships. In the old part of the city you can wander among the age-old pines and breathe fresh air. Winding, not wide streets are immersed in greenery, shyly hiding old buildings and architectural monuments.

Porec – one of the Croatian cities in which a huge number of the ancient Roman temples, serfs and fortifications with high tower came to this day. The population of the resort is approximately 18 thousand inhabitants. A lot of jewelry salons, museums, galleries, shopping varnishes and shops are concentrated in Porec. Annually, tourists from all over the world are sent to the popular European resort.

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What is interesting to see in Porec?

Top attractions of Perprise

Big Temple and Neptune Temple

Istrian municipality

Urban fortifications of Perk

Aquarium in Porec

Decaman street

Moraphor Square

House of two saints

Romanesque house

Eff Wrestzieva Basilica

Pentagonal tower

Porec: Excursions and events

Porefia has a story of five thousand years, for all the time of existence, many peoples living on the territory left a cultural heritage. First of all, it concerns the Ancient Roman period.

The excursion tour is better to start from the bus city station, where it is easy to go to Centrally Embankment of the city. A large number of restaurants and cafes are concentrated on the Board, each of which is ready to treat guests with delicious national dishes. Running right, you can see a small sea jerf, somewhere that the yachts and ships mooring.

On the vessel you can make a small excursion in the open sea. Pleasure steamers run to the island of St. Nicholas, where the unique flora and fauna of the terrain focuses. The tourist community will be glad to provide information cards for tourists, which marks the main attractions of Porec.
On the way towards the old part of the city, tourists will see the city town dated the beginning of the last century. People’s Square is famous for the old theater, erected at the end of the 19th century. Locals are proud of the remnants of the former defensive walls that helped reflect the attacks by the Turks.

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History of Perprise

Climate in Porec

Peninsula Istria is the closest part to the Mediterranean Sea. So, in the city of Porec, a soft Mediterranean climate with hot summer and soft, comfortable winter, which lasts not long.

Summer is often arid and sultry. The sun is ready to shine 2 500 hours a year. Thanks to the local microclimate, in the vicinity of the city, grape and olive plantations are germinated, green meadows and fields, coniferous, pine boursters. Year-round heat is replaced by gusty winds evaporating moisture. Rainy season begins with the arrival of late autumn.

Porec: entertainment and active rest

The coastal strip of the resort city is stretched almost 70 kilometers along the Adriatic Sea, so the entire entertainment center is concentrated here.

The beach season of tourists is waiting for water skiing, beach games, sunbathing and, of course, bathing in warm, transparent water. Beaches are mainly represented by stone slabs due to uneven entrance to the sea. Blue lagoons, bays, rocks are scattered everywhere. It is easy to go to learn the surroundings in a hiking, while putting comfortable shoes. In neighboring settlements, locals will introduce resting with the culture and wealth of the region. A separate place among entertainment is shopping, which is especially pleasant will be the perfect semi. On the territory of Porec, a small market is opened, where numerous souvenirs sell for every taste.

There are many sports opportunities in the city. It is difficult to imagine that in a small area of ​​Porec, over 150 tennis sites are concentrated, several gym-equipped. For bicycle riding lovers, convenient tracks are provided, which rolling the rest of the most entertaining places.

Transport Features of Perprise

Abundance of transport as such in the brew itself. In the surrounding villages regularly run small buses. There is no available airport in the city, and the nearest one is located at a distance of 60 kilometers, in the pool, from which you can get to Porec on a long-distance bus.

Near the coastline daily throughout the length of the promenade, small travelers for tourists run. During the path, the trailer makes no more than 4 stops. It works such a transport from 9 am to 10 pm. If late, we offer to use water transport, or as it is called, taxis. On the boat it will be possible to explore the surroundings of the resort.

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