Popular Bali Souvenirs &# 8212; What to buy?

Bring a souvenir from the country to compatriots from any new city in which you visited, considered a good tone and brings joy, pleasure to our loved ones and relatives.

O. Bali &# 8212; Paradise for tourists in this regard, where you can buy a lot of interesting things.

Here you will meet a huge variety of souvenirs, ranging from magnetics, ending with expensive jewels, paintings and sculptures.

Popular souvenirs on. Bali:

1. Fabrics, clothes, bats bags

Traditional Balinese fabric, which is very popular on the island.

For example, in the city of Guanir, you can meet about 40 textile factories for the production of this precious fabric. Here and in the village of Tahbati you can find a 100% batik.

What is the feature of the tissue batik?

Batika manufacturing process is very complex. The drawings on it are created using waxpies &# 8212; Dark on cotton or silk fabric, flax.

There is a multistage staining, then the tissue is dumping in water and the creation of 3 meters of batik Middle Balinese will be required to six months.

Now, modern technologies and dyes have entered into force and production has become much easier and faster.

This fabric is very beautiful, it is impossible to pass by and do not buy a couple of things from such a material or similar to it for mom, girlfriend or just for yourself.

Also on Bali, you can buy a lot of other cotton clothes, flax and other fabric, in which mostly many paints, only bright and bright colors are used.

Popular on Bali Clothes

Popular souvenirs on. Bali

2. Musical instruments, magnets, figurines, dolls, wood figures

Which wonders are not born thanks to the skillful handles of the wood cutters on the island of Bali!

This sculpture of gods, various beasts, wooden fruits, flowers, trees and even skillfully made carved chess. Their figures are good and evil heroes of the Balinese epic.

Also popular in the form of fingers and many other.

Monkey from wood.

No wonder the furniture from wood is ordered by millionaires from all over the world.

Each figure is special and differs with sophisticated proportions, because Bali residents are distinguished by a special feeling of harmony.

Balinese masks can be a good decoration of any house, they differ in particularly thin work. Often they have a completely "human" appearance, sometimes they are very funny.

Wooden musical instruments.

3. No less beautiful and creative statuettes, plates and many other ceramics

Such vases, lines, saucers will add comfort to every house!

Issue tourist medical insurance

Glass and ceramics plates on Bali. On the back background of the figurine ballerin.

Popular souvenirs on Bali; What to buy

Jewels on Bali &# 8212; Very relevant theme.

Paintings by artists on Bali

4. Paintings

If you like to bring something special from the journeys that for many years it will cause you pleasant memories and nostalgia, I recommend on about. Bali look at the pictures.

Recommendful connoisseurs of painting recommend to go to museums and private galleries about. Bali, which are located in Ubud – Center for Art and Crafts.

If you are not an expert of art and are not ready to spend greatly spend on the paintings, but still I would like to find inexpensive and bright, artistic copies of the works of popular Balinese artists, you should seek pictures in small workshops in Ubud’s markets and near him.

Here you will find no dozen stores for every taste and wallet. 🙂

In this article, you can read in detail about the interesting sight of Bali &# 8212; Gaja Elephant Cave.

5. Traditional drinks

Well, finally, I would recommend to buy traditional coffee, lemon tea, cocoa with spices, ginger and herbaceous tea.

I did not try anything deer in my life!

Lemon tea, Cocoa with spices, Ginger tea, Grassy tea..

On Bali grow different spices: cinnamon, carnation, sage, lentil and mn. Other.

Or you can buy any local sweets that sell in the market early in the morning.

Popular souvenirs on Bali; What to buy

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