Popular sights Sintra

This is quite good in terms of tourism city, which has a large set of attractions. Absolutely any person will find for himself what he will be interested to visit.

Palace Pena

He stands in a great location, which is sick of very exotic plants and rather old trees, growing many centuries. The Palace himself was built in the 19th century in magnificent architectural style. What is only worth his inner beauty, in which you can see the stunning furniture made in a variety of styles. Even if the tourist comes to this city for just a few days, he still has to visit this memorable attraction.

National Palace Sintra

This object is located in a very famous historic center of the city. Pretty long time the building belonged to the Royal Family. It can be viewed both outside and inside. Tourists are most interested in Famous Heraldic Hall and Magnificent Hall, which was created specifically for receiving all foreign guests.

Kint Yes Regaleira

Inside this building you can see very old frescoes, unique sculptural compositions. You also need to say about fireplaces that were decorated Unique thread. There is also a secret course that has a whole tunnel system. She passes right under the park. Previously, for them many years ago, they walked famous for the whole world Masons, Mighty Templars and Great Alchemists. Guides advise to visit this place in the first place, because it is difficult to find such a beautiful landmark.

White dedication

Sightseeing is unique in that it is a big well that go deep down. His construction symbolizes the connection of the Earth and the sky. If you read the reviews of tourists, you can understand that it is worth going here, because the well causes quite bright emotions.

Palace and Montserrat Park

These objects were created in the distant 90th year of the eighteenth century by the famous Mauritan style. It must be said that the building is great not only inside, but also outside. This complex includes a pair of lakes. You need to say that shrubs and trees of various types grow here.

Popular sights Sintra

Castle Mavrov

If a person does not know what to visit in this city, he needs to come to this place, which is known for its unique architecture and history. Impressive that the palace stands on the top of the hill, towering on the whole 400 meters above sea level. It strikes what they started to build in a very distant 10th century, when this island attacked the famous Maurians. If you rise to the fortress, you can quite see the whole city.

Modern Art Museum

If there is a desire to visit something unusual, then you need to quickly go to this place. Most of things are masterpieces, who gathered a famous billionaire, loving collecting art objects.

Museum of Natural History

Here you can look at the incredibly large collection that the famous scientist collected with his wife.

Popular sights Sintra

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