Popular sights of Stockholm

Stockholm – Precious Pearl of Northern Europe. It is surprising that this city is on fourteen magnificent islands that wash the sea. Therefore, you can often hear that locals say that Stockholm consists of greenery and water.

Any tourist can easily be able to find an interesting attraction, because the history of the city lasts almost 8 centuries. This time was enough for a huge variety of unique palaces, castles, colorful galleries, fascinating museums and other.

"Global Arena"

This is a special stadium of an unusual spherical form. It must be said that there are not only sports, but also the rest of the events.

Ethnographic Museum Skansen

Perfectly suitable for those who want to get acquainted with the customs and history of Sweden. The museum is a large-scale exposure that is right in the open sky.

Amusement Park "Greno Lund"

Even though it is one of the oldest entertainment parks, "Great Lund" to this day is very popular among tourists and locals. Surprisingly, it has existed more than 130 years. In those long years, one German entrepreneur rented land to create an attraction. If we talk about today, then a wide variety of different entertainment is offered. Therefore, the tourist will not have to get bored in this merry place.

Old Town Gamla Stan

This is one of the most favorite places among tourists, because there is a considerable number of the best attractions of the city. Back in the 13th century, the first fortress was built here, with which the history of the capital’s capital began. From the 14th to the 17th century, Stockholm was an extremely important trading point. Until today, many old buildings have been preserved, most of which were erected in 15-18 centuries. The most popular place is the Royal Palace.

Popular sights of Stockholm

Wasa Museum

The peculiarity of this museum is a ship that was created in the 17th century, but almost immediately sank, losing stability. The sea exhibit lay down at the bottom until 1961, until he was pulled out and did not decide to make a real museum from him.

Statue "Boy looking at the moon" – The attraction is considered the smallest in the whole country.

Royal Palace

It was created in the 18th century and still remains the residence of the monarch of the family. In this building, the King of Sweden solves the problems of state importance and conduct official techniques. Despite this, absolutely anyone can go here to look at numerous rooms made in the Rococo style and demonstrating the amazing luxury and the power of the Swedish Power.

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