Popular sights of Seville

This is a rather picturesque city, which annually attracts thousands of tourists, ready to look at the unique sights of the city.

Square Spain

This is one of the most Central and popular places, which are well suited for tourists who want to look at the symbol of the city. At first she was needed in order to hold an exhibition that had quite greater importance for the whole country.

Seville Alcazar

It must be said that this attraction everyone considers some pearl. Surprisingly, in the 10th century The old Roman fortress was located here. And in the 12th century in the same place instead of the fortress this palace was built. Be sure to clarify that most of the buildings that were able to survive until today, were built even at Pedro first. Monarch loved the Moorish style very much, so the attraction got the most beautiful style features.

Santa Cruz Quarter

Nearby near the walls of Alcassar are a wonderful quarter, which has pretty interesting sights. This area is completely Jews were built, who were forced to escape with Toledo due to religious persecutions configured against all the Jews.

If a person is here, he falls into the past, which has memorable ancient temples, yards and historical sites, which preserved their authentic appearance. Square got such a name because of the square, on which there is a very thinly stocked cross.

Triana quarter

This is quite an extensive building that Known with its noise and chaotic. It should also be said that the magnificent atmosphere remained here, which went back from the indigenous people, because Tsygan communities lived here. This place must be included in the list of attractions that you need to visit any tourist.

Seville Cathedral

Popular sights of Seville

This is the real pride of all city excursions, because it is impressive with its huge size and greatness. It also needs to be visited due to the fact that it is in this place The Christopher Columbus famous for the whole world rests. This building was laid back in the distant 15th century, where the Arab mosque was previously stood.

Tower of Hiralda

Surprisingly, this Arab building was Created in the 12th century. It has been equipped with lifts that were built into the tourists easier to move on this sight to.

San Telmo Palace

Was built by famous architect at the end of the 17th century, Possessing a special seminary for sailors. A little later, this seminary was covered, and the building itself passed to different owners until he became the residence of the office of the autonomous community.

Most of the travelers says it is best to visit the main portal that was decorated in the style of ChurrieceSko. It is necessary to add that its facade was decorated with twelve wonderful figures that depict the most famous people of this city.

Popular sights of Seville

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