Popular sights of Chicago

Chicago is known for the whole world as a gangster city. It hints at the fact that the tourist will find interesting places.

Millennium Park

Everyone knows that the United States is visited by millions of foreigners. Park that built in 2006 year, very quickly became the most visited attraction of the city. It is worth mentioning that its construction lasted as many as 6 years. Surprisingly, it was invested $ 450 million. This is right, one of the best places of Chicago. This confirms that the park was able to get a lot of premiums.

Naval pier

Even having a not too attractive name, the attraction still attracts a large flow of tourists. He is popular with the main account due to the fact that it is a pier used to entertain people.

Chicago theater

Built it In early 20th century. On various rumors and discussions can be understood that it is a pretty good place. If we talk about appearance, then it was created by the New York Theater.

Chicago Institute of Art

Interesting what you can look at the unique exhibits of the Art Museum. Also this place especially in that it One of the oldest educational institutions of the country, which has a large number of famous graduates and teachers.

Water tower

This is the only building that has been preserved since the time of the past Chicago 19 centuries. It is used as a gallery where you can look at the unique photos that local photographers have committed.

Shopping center Water Tower Place

This is a large seven-story building in which there are famous shops, excellent food, as well as shopping. This is what the traveler is waiting in this skyscraper.

River Chicago

This natural rush earlier sent his stream of water into the famous Michigan Lake, but the authorities decided to change the direction to the south with the help of engineering works.

Popular sights of Chicago

Modern Art Museum

He is considered One of the biggest museums on the planet. It has a giant number of different exhibits on the theme of fine arts, which may well be interested in absolutely any tourist.

Museum of Science and Industry

In the list of places you need to visit, be sure to make this museum. It is unique in that it has exhibits that were created in Different time segments of US history. The most impressive exhibition is eProposition of the Second World War. You can also look at the amazing trophy boat obtained after the Americans spent a very successful operation. It is still worth saying that there is a diesel train in the collection and a spacecraft.

Lake Michigan

This is the most famous landmark that, in fact, makes the city more beautiful. Surprises that it has been preserved very clean.

Lincoln Park Zoo

It has a rather considerable area on which there are many diverse representatives of the animal world. This pretty prestigious zoo is located in the heart of the city. If you can visit absolutely each, because the entrance for all is completely free.

Popular sights of Chicago

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