Popular sights Hanoi

Attractions in this city are so much that it is simply impossible to remember them all.

Old Quarter "36 streets"

The street was so called because earlier, as many as a few thousand years ago, there were 36 guilds, each of which was engaged in his business from different fields. To date, trade activities are actively developing here. If it is honest, then this street is Big Museum, which has its own unique architecture and special spirit of ancient traditions.

Flag Tower

This is a special building that can rightly be considered an architectural masterpiece. Surprisingly, it was able to survive the war years With a French army, which occurred in 1894-97. This tower was built in 1812. If you want to see something interesting, then you should visit this attraction.

Hanoic Citadel

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis place is satisfied is rather big. In it are located Museum Samples of Restored Buildings. To speak more precisely, these are large pavilions that show architectural objects as exhibits.

Mausoleum Ho Shi Min

The main feature is that the first president of the country rests here. It must be said that the Memorial is not the only thing that is here. Also, you can see the top five of the other interesting objects.

Presidential palace

Unfortunately, it is impossible to enter this attraction. Also there is a law that prohibits photographing this building, Therefore, all tourists carefully observes the Palace Protection. But, to greatly fortunately, the tourists are opened part of the building, in which the president once lived. The interior was saved in the same form. If you want, you can explore the fruit garden along with the lake and a fleet.

Museum of optical illusions

If the tourist is in this unique place, he can make a lot of interesting photos on the background of 3D pictures. You can also look at the sculptures that were also performed in 3D.

Museum of Vietnamese women

Popular sights Hanoi

He talks about the women’s role in society in the old and today’s times. There is: exhibits that show the role of women in the family and history, as well as women’s fashion.

Art Museum

Perfectly suitable for art lovers. Unfortunately, all information about exhibits is written in Vietnamese. That is why It is worth viewing them together with the guide. Here you can see rare items from different eras, unique folk painting and ancient sculptures.

Hanoic ceramic mosaic

This is a very famous landmark that has been created for as many as three years. In the country was invited by masters from different countries to create this mosaic, which is long &# 8211; 3 kilometers.

Aromatic pagoda

This is a very important religious attraction in which the crowds of pilgrims come. Surprisingly, she was built in very Farmer 15 century. To date, these are several temples. If we talk about fragrant pagoda, then it is in the cave of the mountain, so it is quite difficult to get into it.

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