Popular sights Florence

It seems that in this city time just stopped, because there is still atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Sights of the city are architectural masterpieces of past centuries.

Cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore

This is one of most popular attractions Cities: Her image can be seen: in souvenir shops and guidebooks. It is essentially a highlight of Florence, as well as her treasury. Here are pictures of famous artists. You can also climb to the top to enjoy the magnificent view. Numerous positive tourist reviews show that this place is worth a visit.

Gallery Uffizi

One of the most famous sights, which is perfect For lovers of artistic art. Every year about 2 million people come to the country to visit this unique place. In the halls you can see the unique works of artists who were created in past centuries.

Palazzo Pitty

Most tourists will advise this place – quite not in vain. This is pretty Big Castle, which has park zones, Palace buildings and interesting galleries. It is surprising that the day is simply impossible to completely get around this sight.

Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge

One of the most popular places of the city, because this bridge is stretched straight through the water Arno. Beautiful illumination is included here every day. Also, you can make excellent photos that will be remembered for a long time.

Basilica of St. Lawrence

Previously, this basil was a church for people from the famous Medici family. It must be said that this ancient building and now serves as a shelter for some people from this famous kind. Absolutely all domestic halls are decorated in the Renaissance style. There is also a bell tower here, which was attached to the church in 1740.

Gallery of the Academy

Popular sights Florence

This attraction is joy for art fan. It is surprising that the collection, which is here is considered the biggest and unique in all of Europe. Here are the rarest canvas and great sculptures. It must be said that the museum was built in the 16th century.

Palazzo Vecchio

Architect who thought over this building, believing that it should be defensive fortress. Need to say that it Moved to hold a Medici, which was their residence, as well as a special place designed to receive extremely important guests. If we talk about today’s times, the attraction is used as a city hail. Finishing inside the castle was made strictly in the traditions of Italian aristocracy.

Fort Belvedere

This is the biggest defensive building of the city. Her created at the end of the 16th century. She, at one time, showed the power and strength of the Florentine Republic to all others.

Signoria Square

Got his fame due to the fact that here Important historical events were held and quite popular historical monuments were built.

Popular sights Florence

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