Popular sights Dani

To speak more precisely, this is a country that is part of the most beautiful states of the whole Europe, which amazes with its natural beauty, Ancient unique architecture and rich centuries-old history.

Denmark has always attracted tourists with their magnificent landscapes and attractions that are able to interest any person. Surprisingly, they have survived here Mighty palaces, which previously belonged to famous Vikings, castles, various cathedrals built in different styles and basilica.

Statue of Mermaid

This is one of the most significant landmarks for the whole country, which is located on the island Zealand. This sculpture depicts a squatted mermaid sitting on the stone, which is dedicated to the famous Fairy Tale Andersen.

Sculpture was created back in 1913.

Church of the Savior

This is a rather important building for the capital of the country, which was erected in the 17th century. It was discovered to visit in 1695. His main feature is a high spire that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

It was built from red bricks in indescribable style baroque, But he received a real appearance when he got a famous spire, very similar to bee sting.

Park Tivoli

If the main goal of the tourist is Joint travel with children, then for him it is perfect for this place that must be visited by the young traveler. Amazing that this is one of the oldest parks in Europe.

To be more accurate, then it is an old Praded Popular Disneyland. Here you can not find new-fashioned attractions, but there are carousels and American slides that are open to everyone.

Ereysoon Bridge

Popular sights Dani

One of the most famous sights among tourists. It must be said that the construction of this majestic buildings began in 1995. His main goal is Cancel passport control of Denmark and Sweden. Shocking also the fact that the workers discovered 18 unexploded shells that were used in the distant Second World War. During construction, there was a dangerous situation – one segment of the tunnel twisted because of the shortcoming in engineering calculations, but everything went through and the bridge was completed in 1999.

Even today, this building is impressive people, becoming, in truth, Masterpiece of Engineering. It must be said that dozens of millions of people pass on it every year.

Museum of Erotics

Attractions built in 1992. It was built so that people could look at erotica Like art. It is surprising that people can observe the development of erotica in various parts of the world and at different intervals.

Museum of G. NS. Andersen

This is a very old and poor area of ​​the city, which was decided to restore. Exactly in this place is Museum of Hans Christian Andersenand who is striking with his beauty. This is the place where the writer was born, and spent childhood. He always said that even though his parents lived quite poorly, but they felt great love to each other.

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