Popular resorts Italy

Italy – This is indeed a huge country that annually attracts the attention of millions of tourists from various countries of the world. Tourist flow to Italy does not stop even in winter, despite the fact that the beach season subsides during this period of time. Many attend this country with the goal to look at its architectural structures and monuments of antiquities. But still, Italy is more appreciated for her beach resorts and it is not surprising, because the country is washed at once with four seas.

Beach holiday in Italy

The beach resort is especially popular – Rimini, He stretched along the coast of 15 kilometers and provides tourists a large selection of hotels of various classes and a whole list of entertainment and services. For lovers of night and noisy life worth a visit San Remo, where there are many clubs, bars and other nightly institutions who will surprise tourists with their flavor. Island Capri – This is a sea of ​​dancing, music and other entertainment, which do not dare even at night. Sardinia – These are palm groves, silence, diving and really paradise. To relax in Italy on the sea is best in the summer, at this time of the year the climate is installed quite soft and warm, Rainy season begins closer to autumn, and in winter the air temperature does not allow comfortable on the beach, because it is lowered to + 5-10 degrees.

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Popular resorts Italy

Going to the long-awaited Holiday in Italy all family, do not forget to visit Liguria. It is worth noting immediately that Liguria – This is one of the greatest marine powers, Motherland Christopher Columbus and Genius Music Creativity Paganini. In this city, children will be interested to climb on a real pirate ship and visit a big aquarium. There are many small and multicolored houses that fascinate with their beauty and attract travelers from around the world. This place is especially popular and among the newlyweds, it is not surprising that many are sent In a wedding trip exactly at Liguria.

Going to Italy should not visit other major cities – Naples, Rome and Florence, where you can see the real masterpieces of the era Revival. Florence are work Great Master Michelangelo, Also attention deserves Venice – the capital of love and romance of all Italy. We must not forget about the capital of fashion, there are many boutiques and shops in Milan, where you can buy the most branded and even manual work of recognized masters around the world.

Rome – It is so multifaceted that there is not one book on his description. Describe the beauty of this place unrealistic, and the number of chapels, temples and gothic churches will impress any tourist. Italy is a country where you can find an antique object on every corner, or an architectural structure, an ancient legends and burs are sent to this place, which are transmitted from generation to generation.

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