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All year I collected different questions from my readers about Thai. The reason was search queries, starting "Why Thais". The list was strange themes, like "Why Thais’s teeth curves" and "Why thais thin". Perhaps the second follows from the first and vice versa. Gathered for you the most interesting answers to questions.

Why Thais laugh five? Why thais write 555?

In Thailand, almost do not use graphic emoticons;) When push-button phones appeared, Thais used Japanese emoticons (* ^ ‿ ^ *) Now, they sent a beautiful sticker with smartphones. In Line (Rotazap Analog) a lot of different sets of pictures. You can choose any hero – Pokemon, Hallow Kitty, Development or Winnie Pooh. Such pictures will understand even a foreigner.

555 – this is the Thai version of laughter. Word "five" In Thai language pronounced "Ha". If you write 555, then it will be "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha". The larger the top, the funnant joke. Thais do not write LOL or HAHAHA. To do this, switch the keyboard into English from Thai. Thais uses numbers among themselves. Especially teenagers.

555 Even Thai grandmother will understand. Thais write 555 not only in response to a good joke. If you say something offensive, 555 will help smooth out negative emotions and translate everything into a joke. For example: "I hate you 555" or "Your legs stink 555". You can safely replace lol numbers 5. Thais will appreciate what you understand in such subtleties, and will give you more respect.

Why thais go in masks?

At the beginning of the year 2020 this question was relevant. Already in the spring it became clear why. Yes, and the whole world in 2020 put a mask. In the usual life of Thais put on masks, because they either get sick and do not want to infect others, or they are protected from smog and dust. Europeans in the hospital also give out a mask so as not to distribute infections.

Why thais do not bathe in the sea? Why thais bathe in clothes? Why thais don’t sunbathe?

Thais just are obsessed with white leather and not tan fans. They appreciate white skin color, so many bathe in clothes or sit in the shade. Since ancient times, the referee was a sign of working on rice fields and leaving left still. Some work can discriminate against skin color. Flight attendants, models, actresses, TV presenters usually white-skinned. You will also not see that a girl with dark skin won any significant beauty contest.

Why thais do not remove the wires? Why on the streets of Thailand so many wires?

Private companies were engaged in electrification in Thailand. There was no single state plan to provide electricity every corner of the country. When electricity was performed in the USSR, the instruction was first written, approved and centrally shown in execution, according to the generation plan. Thais did not have any guests or a cross-generation. Private contractors spent electricity, as it was convenient. That is, cheap and air.

Traditionally, high-voltage wires are attached high above the ground, and below – all the rest. Sometimes transition bridges happen on the cable path. Then in the stairs make a hole for high-voltage wires, and pedestrians pass nearby. Security? Did not hear such a word. Wiring garlands sometimes spark and explode. And if the unlucky driver will stay in the post, the last, falling, will take another couple like Domino.

Last years, the local government began to remove the wires and bury them under the ground. Some Phuket Town Streets have already been established. I saw even how the wires buried in Pattaya.

Why thais thin?

This is not true. Locals Large lovers eating. Especially delicious, fried in oil, fast food and drinks with sugar. According to statistics of 2019, each Tach consumes 131 grams of sugar daily. And these are 26 teaspoons! Sugar is in beverages, sauces and most Thai cuisine. If Thais had no motorbikes and machines, there would be more tightness. Thais are very lazy, do not walk at all: it’s hot! Even in 7-11 ready to drive 100 meters.

The Government of Thailand has long been abandoned by the problem of excess weight. Near Tesco Lotus shopping centers in the evenings are held by free aerobics, in parks and even along the roads are simulators. On Phuket during the year there are different sports events: triathlon, marathons, volleyball tournaments, surfing competitions and others.

Why thais eating a spoon and fork at the same time?

Previously, Thai ate in general. In Isan, even now eat so. Only soup dilked with a spoon. There were no need for a knife, dishes initially prepared slices for one bite. Cutting steak Thai did not have to. In the period of Europeanization, Siam was borrowed fork as an unusual cunning device. However, Thais and eat a spoon. Fork only help impose. Read other rules, how Thais eat, in this article>>>

Why thais don’t love to open feelings?

In society it is not accepted. So in all Buddhist countries. Restraint, ability to keep yourself in hand and "cold heart" (Gay Yen). Thai couples do not kiss and in public. Previously, even a touch of a man to unmarried woman was taboo. Read about other rules that are accepted in Thailand, in this article>>>

Why thais do not cope on March 8?

In Thailand, this holiday does not celebrate. He came to Asia together with communism. March 8 still celebrate in Laos, Cambodia and China. In the monarchist Thailand, communism was never encouraged, and then banned. Thais and layers did not hear about the sulfuricist, Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxembourg. March 8 in Thailand the next very hot day of the dry season.

In Thailand, never fought for women’s rights, as in Europe or America. Thai lady always occupied an important place in society. Women in Siam did not join in patriarchal countries, and already in Thailand they received equal rights to education. Men considered themselves warriors and farmers, so women took the rest of the rest. They watched children, household, and also engaged in market trading.

It was their wife’s wives who managed finances. Now in Thailand a lot of successful businesswomen who lead their companies. I have several such girlfriends who have their own restaurants, travel companies, cosmetic brands.

Why Thais’s teeth curves?

If we are talking about "teeth piano", then in Thailand such people are no more and no less than in other countries of Asia. 10 years ago Fashion for braces. In Thailand, it is not customary to straighten a bite in childhood, but now every adult can make a chic smile. Thais belong to braces as decorations, absolutely not embarrassed. Even rubber bands are colored.

Why thais do not hurt oncology?

Sick. Statistics 2018 – more than 330 thousand patients. The most common diseases – lung cancer, liver and mammary glands. The number of ill 5 times less than in Russia. Causes are obvious: another attitude to life associated with Buddhism, less stress in work. Full Sanuk, Sabay and May Pen Paradise. And there is another reason: the lack of planned inspections and sets the correct diagnosis. Especially in the villages. No diagnosis – no disease.

Why thais in the heat go in jeans?

Not only Thais. Everyone who has a job is associated with dress code, trousers. Also closed shoes wear. Not so hot in jeans. Official dress code – closed knees, shoulders, belly and neckline. In shorts or topics are not allowed on the threshold of immigration office and other government agencies. In the 70s, they could not even be in Thailand due to the inappropriate clothing of hippie and long hair in men.

Why thais do not drink milk?

Drink, only not as in Russia. Cows appeared in Thailand during the Board of the Rama IX, years in the 60s. Then they began to produce dairy products. Until now, many children have lactose intolerance, so in stores sell vegetable milk. It is used in drinks. Thai tea with milk and ice – a very popular drink. There is even ice cream taste Thai Milk Tea. And of course, coffee in Thai style is more condensed milk and ice.

Why Thais want to serve in the army?

Only volunteers seek to sign up to the army. They are not so much. Annually establishes a certain recruitment quota for each province. Those who have reached 21 years and past medical examination may voluntarily sign up to the army ranks. First, due to the monthly salary of 9000 baht, which is constantly increasing. Secondly, the army in Thailand is an excellent chance to make a career. If the number of volunteers is less than quota, all conscripts are collected in the hall and arrange a lottery between them for the remaining vacancies. Read about it in a separate article>>>

Why thais gold is so yellow?

Because instead of copper in jewelry add silver. The most common test is 750 (18 carats), that is, jewelry, where 75% of gold, 15% silver and 10% of the alloy of metals give extra strength. Also on sale you will find Sample products 585 (14 carats).

Is Thai women have taken to hide pregnancy?

Judging by the fact that there are no longer a secret on a small period for a small period, the expectation of the offspring is not a secret. The classic of the genre is sold in supermarkets Big C and Tesco Lotus. But with beautiful clothes for pregnant women in Thailand is difficult. It can be found in the stores of world brands.

Why thais more often make sex transactions? Why thais change sex?

I would not say that more often. A little transgender reinforce. Another thing is that plastic surgery in Thailand is developed. And reasonable prices. Here come from other countries for breast plastic operations, faces and genitals. There is even a special direction of medical tourism. About the third floor read in this article>>>

Why thais celebrate funeral a few days? What does the ritual with a fan decorated with flowers?

Traditions celebrate Thai funeral for at least a week went back since ancient times. Then they were going to spend the dead whole villages. It was necessary to impress all relatives and neighbors rich rituals. All this concerns the dead aged. Children or young people cremat modest.

Now, too, before cremation spend several days in the ceremonies. If the official or a revered person died, the funeral takes more than a week. Every day, monks come, everyone can take pictures with a coffin, serve food, drinks and alcohol. At the funeral, it is not customary to cry and pronounce sad speech. People share good actions of the deceased, chatting lively, laugh. No tragedy. The deceased lived a good life, and soon his soul will be reborn.

His traditions different from Thai funerals, from different communities: Chinese, Muslim, Nautical Gypsies, Mountains. Fan in flower places – it is replacing a traditional wreath. 15-20 years ago began the current not to spend several thousand on wreaths, but decorating fans and sacrifice their temple organizing cremation. And beautiful and useful.

Why Thais fuck eyebrows when go to the monks?

Not only eyebrows, but also all vegetation on the head: hair, mustache and beard. So they break up with a worldly life, in their way and affection. Digging even eyebrows – this is complete depletion of man. All monks look equally, they do not have any distinctive features like the laity.

Why Thais love European oasis and parks?

Love for European design began in the XIX century. Then, for the construction of houses began to invite French, British, Italian architects. Such a luxury could only afford the rich Siamese. After a half century, love for European design did not disappear. And she is pronounced in central Thailand, as something stylish, in parks, restaurants and cafes. In the south, Europeanization of design is part of life to which everything is used to.

Popular questions about Thai and Thailand - why Thais laugh with fives 555, change the floor, eat

In the south of Thailand, the Chinese-Portuguese style, which came along with Chinese immigrants. It is considered part of the history of the region. Phuket, Ranong, Takua Pa, Trang, Satun – In these cities, mansions in colonial style or traditional townhouses are built. Sino-Portuguese architecture very organically fit into place of local. On Phuket, new hotels with such design even get benefits from the state.

But in Central Thailand there is no such tradition. Mansions and houses in European styles you can see in Bangkok. In Pattaya, the complex Mimosa, Park Silverleik, Palace of Chicken King and other attractions.

Why Thai cows are horns?

Thai cows occurred from the humpback bulls zebu. Gorb helped animals to survive in a drought due to the accumulation of water in the tissues. Gorbal cows can also be found in Indonesia, India and other countries of Asia and Africa.

Why thais eat very sharp dishes and they don’t have "Problems with stomach"? Why thais eating sharp food?

Because they ate many centuries. For Thais, this food is familiar. But unusual can be considered cow’s milk. Cows began to breed only in the last century, during the board of the frame IX. Until now, many children have lactose intolerance, so in stores sell vegetable milk.

What gifts love to get thais from our? What men like men, women, children?

Most Thais do not know typical our souvenirs. Or what ours can give. This we can make a long list, if you are asked: what you will be brought from Thailand? Associations with Russia are limited to Putin, snow, vodka. Well, maybe more Maria Sharapov will remember. And who follows the life of silver – Natalia Glebov. Miss Universe was once married to Thai tennis player Paradon.

If you are interested in the ideas of souvenirs, then read this article about gifts to Thai. They should be practical. Children will like chocolate and sweets. Men will be glad T-shirt or baseball cap, women – decorations or accessories.

Where Thais love to ride relax?

Perhaps the first place will take Thailand himself. Most locals never went beyond the country. Thais love to relax the whole family or group of friends. Solo tourists quite a bit. From the overseas countries, the top 5 looks like this: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and China. And many Thais dream of going to Europe and America.

Why Thais smile?

Thailand called "Country smile". But not many know that the kinds of smiles in the kingdom are a lot. Thais themselves allocate their 13 species. Smiles are polite and fake, benevolent and stretched, joyful and apology. They show a friendly attitude, happiness, joy, embarrassment, fear, anger, tension and even remorse. Thais can say with a smile "Yes", But every Taach knows that in fact it meant "No" or "not sure". Read a detailed article about Thai smiles>>>

Why Thai can not be touched?

In many countries, touch a stranger for his head is strange and familiarly. Personal space above all. Thais in a different way to the hierarchy in the body. The head is an important and sacral part of the body, because the spirit of man lives there. Unfamiliar people, especially foreigners, not given personal right to disturb the spirit with a touch to the head. Ironing your child or a loved one in Thailand is considered normal. Other rules that can and cannot be read in this article>>>

Why thais touches white children? Why Thais love white children?

Thai generally love children. They are considered the embodiment of the most cute, what is in the world. Like fun cats or puppies. Touch for the brush of the baby or stroke the head of the familiar Thai child is considered normal. But when Thais see a blond White Child, they disappear all. Europeans are not included in Thai society, about the norms of decency can be forgotten. After all, such a child is 1000 times more cute creation than Thai. If your child is afraid of unfamiliar people, politely explain that you do not need to touch it.

Why Thais never sign business contracts on Wednesday?

Thais are very superstitious. This is especially true of the days of the week. Wednesday – Worst Justion Day. For example, on Wednesdays you can not cut hair, so some salons and hairdressers are closed. Nowadays, not everyone follows this rule. Read about other days of the week in Thailand in this article>>>

Why Thais have such strange names?

Thais pick up real names with a monk depending on the birthday of the lunar calendar. Each Thai has one more or more nickname. They are not connected with the name and are not cuts of the full name. Posing the short name of Som, tea, plan, far from all Thais hurry to tell that they are named after their name Supakchay, Natptipong or Navakotchamon. Modern Children’s Nicknames – Mad Fantasy Parents. The characters of cartoons and movies, food and drinks, brands of cars and other English words. About Thai nicknames Read a separate article>>>

Why thais cut off the tails of cats?

The point is not in Thai. Cats love to sleep in the middle of the road. And passing machines and motobikes move tails. And Thai rats love hunts at homeless kittens, and their tail is a delicacy. Just kidding.

Thai cats are born. Short tail is a genetic feature of cats throughout Asia. Japanese experts believe that this happened due to nearby crossing. Thai street cats in some extent relatives to Japanese bobtail.

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