Popular places Yalta

With the onset of summer matures the question "where to go on vacation?"And here the long-term disorder begins. If not abroad, it seems that there is no particularly much. But even in that very Crimea there are many resorts that absolutely different from each other with their sights, view, terrain and, importantly, its value. This article will hold a virtual excursion and help learn about the best tourist areas at the Black Sea.

Despite the fact that the capital of the Crimea is Simferopol, the most Yalta is considered a popular resort. It attracts people a variety of excellent sights, combined with wondrous rich in nature, an interesting story and a noisy city, in the design of which the most famous architects have invested the soul.

For example, Massandrovsky Palace, Built in 1882 by Maximilian Egorovich the Mesmarm, who was originally planned as a museum.

Getting to it is not difficult, you can even walk. Entrance is paid, but often make discounts for pensioners and schoolchildren. Often spend there Interesting excursions and all kinds of concerts in honor of the holidays. If the sun is too baked, you can always hide in the Massandrovsky Park; In the shade of trees, looking at the ancient sculptures, gardens and arches.

Also very popular bird home. You probably heard about him, even if never been in Yalta. Was built by an officer in 1877 as a cottage. But after his death, the building twisted, destroyed and renovated. And only in 1912 it became so which is now.

As in Massandrovsky Palace, inside the building conduct excursions and arrange concerts. At an altitude of 40 meters is pretty cool, so on a hot day to tourists there the very place. Although the building is both in great demand, even on a cold day there’s a lot of people. Nothing will compare with the fascinating stories of this place and a gorgeous view of the dividing sea waves.

In addition to palaces in Yalta, there are many more entertainment, which will no longer find anywhere. For example, a Japanese garden called "Six senses", where you can work out yoga, drink traditional tea, go to a creative master class for inspiration and excursions, test the massage or get a kimono for hire and just take a picture of memory. For the arrangement of this place Specially covered plants, Stones, scenery and fish right from Japan.

Or Winzavod "Massandra", Built in the style of the XIX century and saved to the present day, where you can try Eight species of Crimean Wine and listen to their history in the company experienced sommelier.
If the tourist does not attract excursions at all, you can simply go on the coast and enjoy the Black Sea.

Popular places Yalta

Beaches can be divided into three types:

  • sandy;
  • pebble;
  • Stony.

First of all, Yalta is famous for pebble and stony beaches.

The best is considered Massandrovsky. It is divided into six comfortable zones and "supplied with" locker rooms, sun loungers with shower and rescuers. In the evenings there are parties and discos for visitors. In the meantime, parents have fun at the bar, children can go to a shooting gallery, play in the game town or ride water attractions.

There is still a lot of interesting things in Crimea, but most importantly, you will not find any other country – this is the sense of recreation that can give south.

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