Popular day trips on New York

New York is the largest city in the United States, and in it around the clock boils life. Known as "Big apple", he is Center for World Music, Art and Finance. A huge agglomeration is filled with numerous skyscrapers and places that cannot be passed by, such as Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge.

Cruise in New York: Statue of Liberty and Horizon Manhattan

Among the numerous tourists visiting New York, excursion cruises are very popular, including inspection Statues of freedom.

A huge statue of more than 90 meters high is on the island of freedom. The statue of a woman with a torch was presented to the Americans by the French in 1884 in honor of the US struggle for independence.

The ship on the island takes only a few minutes, but this trip gives a good opportunity to make several souvenir photos. At the pedestal statue of freedom, there is an observation deck with which the picturesque panorama of Manhattan opens, one of the five most popular and beautiful quarters of New York.

Tour of New York by bus

Dreaming on a day trip over the world’s largest city, it is worth using comfortable buses and choose one of the many available routes. Good idea is, for example, a trip to places like Times Square, famous Empire State Building, The Brooklyn Bridge, as well as Central Park, Harlem and the theater Apollo.

Times Square, Empire State Bilding, Brooklyn Bridge

Popular day trips on New York

Times Square, Located in the very center of Manhattan, famous for countless light advertising and bright neon signs. This is a popular place in New York &# 8211; Here are the most large-scale events, because the area can accommodate about a million people.

Empire State Building, In turn, is one of the most recognizable city buildings. At its top there is an observation deck with which you can admire the exciting panorama of the city. On the other side, The Brooklyn Bridge &# 8211; Great place for walking, admiring Manhattan.

Central Park, Harlem, Apollo Theater

Central Park This is a huge green oasis in New York, which is visited both tourists and locals. Taking an area of ​​more than 340 hectares, this object is famous for numerous attractions and places that you should visit, such as: Strawberry Field, Fountain of Bethesd, Waterfront in the Winter Garden, Belvedere Castle.

Harlem Same &# 8211; The area known is mostly jazz clubs. In this part of New York worth a visit Apollo Theater, Numerous churches where there are masses with gospel music, characteristic red-brown sandstone townhouses from sandstone and prestigious Columbia University.

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