Popular Attractions Indonesia

If the tourist burns with a desire to drive around absolutely all the attractions of the country at a time, then he should know what to do it at all is impossible. Even despite the fact that this is the state has a rather small area, it is very rich in incredible places. Especially surprised by the vintage temples that are preserved in a rather good form for such a large period of time. In fact, the main feature of this country is Exotic nature.

Temple complex Prambanan

Surprisingly, even after so many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, this complex was able to preserve until today, But, unfortunately, most of the way was turned into ruins. At all, there are interesting sanctors that were devoted to very ancient mythical animals.

Very stupid if the tourist does not want to come to this place. It seems that it is in this place time stopped. You can walk all day and look at the walls on which unique plots were drawn. You can consider images of malicious demons, beautiful birds and ancient deities.

It is a pity that a huge part of other figures could not be saved. It is possible that some figures People stolen. But the country carefully protects the buildings, which managed to live to the present day. They are also gradually restored.

Wood Monkeys in Ubud

This attraction is one of the most famous in the country. It is worth saying that absolutely all people adore animal data. Monkeys live here Pretty free. Most tourists love to feed animals, but it is worth saying that it is forbidden, although this ban looks very condescendingly.

There is also a small Hindu temple. His guards are Fun Macaki. The temple is decorated with magnificent bas-reliefs and statues that are depicting monkeys. Such sights attract tourists also by the fact that they can boast freshness and quite Lush vegetation.

Popular Attractions Indonesia

It’s funny that animals are so much accustomed to Various delicacies, who give them travelers that they start to heal. They love to scour in things in people to find something delicious. It is remarkable that the population of animals is rapidly increasing and now there are more than 600 macak.

Volcano Krakataau

In 1883 an incredibly powerful eruption happened. After the eruption, the tsunami was formed, which killed a considerable number of people. Surprisingly, the whole planet was able to feel. After the eruption was over, The huge part of the island has disappeared, And the volcano has become lower. It is worth saying that this volcano still active. Therefore, the government of the country strictly prohibits living near him.

Waterfall Munduk

If the tourist wants to visit something picturesque, it should not miss this attraction. This waterfall is known for literally Ugly in greens and stretches right along the cliff. Watching this magnificent natural attraction must be remembered that it is necessary to periodically look under the feet.

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