Popular Attractions Great Britain

United Kingdom – the heiress of the British Empire existing in the XIX – early XX centuries. Despite the small size of the territory, this country is an authoritative nuclear power and is included in the UN Security Council. The culture of Great Britain is inextricably linked with the culture of many countries of the world. A large number of tourists come to see the sights, admire the beauty of nature, as well as see the places where the Great English Writer Shakespeare was born.

The most famous historical places of Great Britain

The most famous landmark of the United Kingdom – London Big Ben. This hour tower of the Westminster Palace was created more than 150 years ago and is the main symbol of London. Memorable clock reports the important events of the country: minutes of silence, the onset of the new year.

The famous residence of British monarchs is Windsor castle, towering in the River Valley Thames. The castle was built in 1070 g. and is the most romantic building of Great Britain. In addition, Windsor Castle entered the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest castle in the world.

The famous natural attraction of Great Britain is National Park "Lake Edge". Amazing panoramic views, blooming countryside, mountain and lake landscapes – all this can be seen by visiting this park. Lake Edge was founded in 1951 and has so unpredictable nature that a tourist can be at once in four days of the year.

Popular Attractions Great Britain

The most old museum of the world is British museum. The art museum is located in London and ranks second in the world of attendance. In the British Museum collected ancient artifacts and famous historical exhibits. All excursions in the UK must be starting or end in this Museum.

The famous landmark of Great Britain, which is very popular with tourists, is Westminster Abbey. The Gothic Church in Westminster, which was built from the XIII to the XVIII century, attracts its magnificent view, original weapons, beautiful painting, as well as old documents and foliants.

United Kingdom is an amazing country carefully storing its traditions. A variety of landscape, culture, a unique historical heritage formed a nation, harmoniously combining the past and today. Visiting the UK, each tourist will get a lot of impressions that will forever remain in memory.

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