Popular among tourists in the USA

United States of America – Political, Cultural and Economic Center of the World. This is one of the largest countries in the world, which is located in several climatic belts. The geographical location of the country affects the extraordinary beauty of changing from the south to the north landscapes and a variety of flora and fauna, the uniqueness of the architecture and style of American cities.

Washington – US Capital – is not only an administrative, but also by the cultural center. Washington is geographically not a big city, but known for its museums, art galleries, world-class libraries. In addition, you can visit all the sights of Washington free.

The biggest city is not only the United States, but also consider the world New York. This megalopolis, which has the unofficial name "Big Apple", consists of an incredible number of skyscrapers. New York is located on the island of Manhattan, which in the times of Indian tribes was called Manna-Hatta and was sold by Indians to the first settlers for pennies.

Everyone who came to New York seeks to get on Broadway and go shopping, visit the premiere of the musical or see the show program. At a short distance from Manhattan, on the island of Ellis, the main attraction of New York is elevated – Statue of Liberty. Many years ago, France gave the Americans this statue, which became a symbol of freedom and democracy. On the island of Ellis can be saved on the ferry.

In addition to Washington and New York, visit Boston. Boston – Massachusetts State Capital – Student City, because it is famous Harvard University. Boston has a rich historical past, and historians call him "War Cradle for Independence". The unique Museum of Witch is located in Salem.

Millions of tourists visit the "City of Angels" – Los Angeles, Las Vegas – the capital of gambling, Chicago – Science Center.

The attention of tourists attracts the unique nature of the United States of America. Americans take care of the environment and try to save nature, creating national parks. Special place among parking reserves is occupied Yelouston Park (Wyoming). A huge number of animals and birds lives on the territory of the reserve.

About 200 geysers produce couples and hot water high above the ground. The reserve has specially equipped campgrounds, where you can make a weekend. The highest and old sequoia trees are growing in America and are under the protection of the state in National Park "Sequoia"

No less famous reserve consider Grand Canyon (Arizona State). The main "architect" of the canyon is the Colorado River, which flows on the plateau with the same name. The depth of the canyon is more than one and a half kilometers, and the length of 400 kilometers. Indians called the River "Ramby Boiler" due to numerous thresholds.

Popular among tourists in the USA

Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes with multi-colored rainbows, which are formed from tiny droplets, rising above the river and sparkling in the rays of the Sun. In addition, the caps of the canyon are painted in different colors. The most suitable place to contemplate the beauty of the canyon is Yaki Point. Fans of extreme sports attend Grand Canyon to charge energy, and the rafting masters conquer the most difficult descent with the threshold of Lava-Repids.

Valley of death – National Reserve, who is the lowest point in the US. Death Valley – Source of Okhot Paint and Gold Mining. Many movies were filmed in the reserve.

The United States is washed by the quiet and Atlantic oceans, so the infrastructure of coastal cities offers holidays on the beaches and on the water, that is, tourists are given the opportunity to sunbathe, swim and engage in water sports. It should be paid to the fact that water in the Pacific Ocean is rarely favorable for swimming, so the Atlantic water area is ideal for this, in particular Miami beaches.

Hawaiian Islands – Paradise for tourists. Hawaii – the 50th state of the United States, which includes 122 islands, but only on some of them you can relax. Hawaiian archipelago is the ridge of ocean volcanoes, the height of which above sea level is not higher than the Jomolungma mountain, that is, not higher than 9 thousand meters. Tourist Hawaii are appreciated and included in the top ten of the best resorts.

Niagara Falls – An unforgettable work of nature. The height of the waterfall is about 60 meters. Waterfall Located on the border with Canada. Such a location makes it possible to visit Niagara Falls to tourists both from America and from Canada. The uniqueness of the waterfall is that it is formed by the Niagara River, which connects large lakes – "pantry" of fresh water.

Popular among tourists in the USA

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