Popular activities of active tourism

Moscow is a major tourist center, favorite and ingenious, where not only travelers for watching attractions, but also businessmen to search for new ideas and expand their business. Also, family is also loved here, spending time on excursions and exhibitions, at the same time, visiting entertainment places. But no one becomes a challenge to order a hotel room for the night in Moscow, which is due to their large quantity, constantly located in competition and rivalry, thanks to which, you can choose a fairly cozy place for a night for a little money.

Active tourism &# 8211; Definition of concept

This is a type of tourism that consists of a certain route, on the path of which some physical exercise. Also, it may be just an interesting occupation, in the process, is performed using force. Especially, thus, they like to spend time parents with their children, thereby catching them to healthy and active lifestyle.

Favorite types of active tourism that exist in Moscow

There are special, most popular types of active tourism, which will always be in the population. The following types are distinguished:

Water tourism It is in the first place among outdoor activities. It may consist of a crossing of rivers and lakes on kayaks, boats, catamarans and other types of transport. Particularly preferred, such a view of young families and companies of friends who do not rarely want to sorry with each other.

Ski tourism – Here, the name itself, can say about many. There are several levels of difficulty for such a holiday. It is first recommended to undergo training, during which an experienced trainer will be able to explain about the safety and technique of skating.

Speleotourism Prefer extreme people who love unusual sensations. This type of active tourism implies customization caves. Such tourism is engaged in people who are loving unexplored and interesting.

Popular activities of active tourism

Pedestrian tourism Allows you to go through a lot of distances on foot, with tents, bedroom facilities and all necessary things. Such an occupation love almost all.

Equestrian tourism – He is for animal lovers and experienced riders. Here, long routes are not on foot, but riding horses.

Avtotourism, Like motorization, preferred lovers of the respective modes of transport.

Bicycle tourism makes it possible to drive a specific route on a two-wheeled vehicle.

Active tourism is gaining popularity every year due to the fact that each person is committed to the useful and enjoyment of free time, which will be able to increase endurance and strengthen the immune system.

Popular activities of active tourism

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