Popping in Seine

Paris is considered the city of lovers, and what can be romantic than a walk on hay on the ship. From the board of the cruise ship, you can see the main attractions of Paris, because the Sayna River proceeds through the entire center of the city.

Hay – water highway not only in Paris, but also all of France. It begins in Burgundy in the east of the country and flows into La Mans near Gavra. Parisians use Seine not only as a water artery. On her shores there are musical concerts, theatrical performances, festivals and discos.

Popping in Seine

And this year on the Seine after a long break will again be a swimmers competition. Plot "Paris Swim" For the first time, took place at the beginning of the last century – August 30, 1903. In 2012, swimming will be held on September 2. It will include two distances: 2.5 and 10 kilometers. The start of a ten-meter cut is located by the Josephine Baker’s pool, and the swimmers finish in the Park Andre Citroen, so the swimmers can not only compete, but also commit "Sightseeing tour". Only athletes-professionals can take part in competitions at this distance. Lovers can try their hand at the second, shorter, distances. It starts near the Eiffel Tower, and it will end in the same place, where and the first – in the park Andre Citroen.

To take part in a swim on a short distance athlete will have to pay a fee of 35 euros, and on a long – 65 euros.

Popping in Seine

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