Pools Tel Aviv

Not everyone will risk swimming in the sea. But the pools are familiar to all and more familiar. Therefore, there is quite a large number of public swimming pools in Tel Aviv. They allow not only to swim in clean water, regardless of weather, but also to relax. Pricing policy also allows you to choose something suitable for yourself.

One of them – "Country Dekel", which is something cross between the pool and country phasenda. It is located in the northwest part in Tel Aviv. There are two swimming center, one of which has a walkway of 40 meters and is always open to the Sun, the second has a slightly smaller size and has a roof. Work schedule is on weekdays from 6 am to 10 pm and on abbreviated schedule on weekends. In order to visit this pool, you should pay from 85-100 shekels. With a tenth visit, a red thread on the wrist is given as a gift . Address of the establishment: Rehov Kosovski 69.

Another of the public pools is called "Country Tel-Aviv Towers". It is located very close to the towers of the Azriel’s shopping center. This is an outdoor water stadium with tracks at 33 meters, which in winter it is easy to transform up to 25 meters. The average temperature of the water in it is 28 degrees. The center works Monday-Thursday from 6 am to 10 pm and on Friday Saturday to reduce schedule. Sunday is a day off. Address of the establishment: Nahalat Yitzak 18.

There is a swimming pool in Tel Aviva, which is located in the center of Azrieli on the 3rd floor and is called "Holmes Place Azrieli Center", which can be used by Crown Plaza Hotel. This public swimming pool can be visited from Sunday to Thursday from 6.15 to 11 pm and on Friday-Saturday by abbreviated schedule. Its main feature is a great sculpture of Hamsa Obereg, which is connected with an ancient Israeli legend of marine salvation.

Pools Tel Aviv

In the south Tel Aviv there is a public pool "Goldstein Goren Country Community Center", which is two water centers, one of which is indoor, and the second closed. It works on Monday-Thursday from 6 am to 4 pm, after which from 7 pm to 10 pm. From Friday to Sunday, he works on abbreviated schedule. Located at Amikam 7.

As you can see, the choice of pools is quite large and therefore it depends only on you. Swimming will help not only lose weight, but also to charge the body with energy.

Pools Tel Aviv

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