Pool on the roof of the hotel Marina Bay Sands

The architecture has its own miracles, and there are many amazing structures that surprise not only an outstanding engineering idea, but also a magnificent view, breathtaking spirit. One of the pearls of the modern architectural gallery is the Marina Bay Sands hotel, located in the tiny state of Singapore. Thanks to the liberal views of the government of this country, this is a miracle. In Singapore, a ban on gambling business was removed, which gave the opportunity to giants of the giant market to build their unrealistic ideas and attract customers from around the world.

The main attraction of the hotel is its roof, more precisely, the pool, which is located there. It is this creation of engineers and architects not to confuse any other. The pool resembles a big ocean, begins the megalopolis begins.

A little about the hotel, whose roof – Ocean

Luxury hotel is located above the bay. There are 20 restaurants in different kitchens of the world around the clock. The hotel is connected to the huge shopping center, which allows you to call Marina Bay Sands a full shopping and entertainment complex. No wonder the hotel is the most expensive of all existing hotels in the world. Her owners is the largest American company Las Vegas Sands, which created a large-scale network of casino in Las Vegas – the capital of gambling and luxury.

Swimming pool – Present Miracle Architecture

Pool on the roof of the hotel Marina Bay Sands

We will not stop in detail at the technical moments, but it is impossible not to be mentioned about some curious facts. And let it be difficult to believe, but the pool length is 146 m. The feature of his design is that the frame is fixed by hinges. This is done in order to neutralize seismic activity and any danger.

If you look at the photo, it seems that the pool is broken and becomes a huge waterfall. Immediately goosebumps. It seems that one awkward movement – and you fly from the cliff. But in fact, water from the pool flows into a special catchment, located slightly below. The designed mechanism returns water to the pool. In the event that someone still manage to fall out for the stroke of the pool, falling near and safely. If you drop the black humor to the side and leave only an objective perception, the pool on the roof of the hotel in Singapore is still the highest pilot.

See such a miracle of architecture and swim in it – the dream of many. And she justifies himself. The view from the pool offers stunning. And the feeling that you are on the roof and at the same time you swim almost in the sea, really makes you believe that you are in a fairy tale, whose name is Marina Bay Sands.

Pool on the roof of the hotel Marina Bay Sands

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