Pony advertise Scotland

Members of the National Scottish Tourist Organization invented the original advertising campaign dedicated to the year of nature in Scotland to attract tourists to the country. The main heroes of the campaign were two charming ponies from the Shetland Islands.

A couple of pony Fivla and Vitamin dressed in knitted cardigans with a traditional Scottish pattern and made some photos against the background of picturesque landscapes with them. The whole series of pictures is posted on Visitscotland. Colorful posters are designed to attract more tourists to the region. Scots told what other miracles are waiting for tourists in their region. The most interesting events will be the festival of whiskey, which is scheduled for March, as well as the Music Festival, which will be held in July.

Outfits for a pony came up with a local resident of Dorin Brown. Sweaters are associated from real wool.

"I had to tie a sweater longer than usual, and his sleeves do shorter. All this I did manually, and the material for sweaters served as wool of local sheep. It was a very exciting occupation, "the woman notes in his interview Dailymail.

Pony advertise Scotland

These pony sweaters performed at the fair, which passes on the island of Fair Isle, which is in the north of Scotland. Technique in which clothing for mini horses is called, as well as the island – Fair Isle.

During the pony walk, the sleeves were slightly stained, but the organizers did not embarrass.

Pony advertise Scotland

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