Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio (Ital. Ponte Vecchio, Old Bridge) — The most famous Florentine Bridge, which is located in the narrowest place of the Arno River opposite the other attractions of Florence – Utitzi Galleries.

Interestingly, Ponte Vecchio – almost the only bridge in the city, which retained its original appearance.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge is located in the place where 2 other bridges were before, namely, the bridge of the ancient Rome era, which collapsed in 1117, as well as the bridge destroyed by flooding in 1333.

The modern bridge was erected from 1345 by the project of the architect Stari Di Firavanti, which is despicable to create elegant and at the same time, consisting of 3-arches.

Distinctive feature of Ponte Vecchio are houses located on both sides of the bridge. Initially, the buildings on the bridge were lined up in a straight line, but over time it was broken as a result of numerous transformations. Also on the bridge there is an open observation deck, where can I make wonderful photos.

Ponte Vecchio Attractions Florence Travel Guide

Also on the Ponte Vecchio bridge you can see the Vazari corridor, which is named by the name of the architect created him. The corridor was organized for the free passage of Kozimo from Palazzo Vecchio to Pitty Palace. Along this corridor there is a number of round windows: according to legend, with their help, the ruler could overhear what people on the bridge speak at the bottom.

In the old days on the Ponte Vecchio bridge there were meat shops, and today you can buy elegant jewelry. By the way, that is why the bridge is sometimes called the Golden Bridge.

In addition, Benvenuto Cellini bust is posted on the Ponte Veliko Bridge, to which it is customary «Love locks».

Ponte Vecchio Attractions Florence Travel Guide

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